1. I would limit the number of days I need to be on campus. I'd instead use the extra day to do whatever I please, whether studying from home or relaxing. Commuting can sometimes be very tiring especially in bad weather conditions but sometimes it can be relaxing if you don't have to transfer busses. Value your time and spend it the way you want to.

  2. I took 3710 which is about tech in business.

  3. I would have advised you to join clubs and engage in activities where people are but it seems like you did that already. If nobody is inviting you to dinner or places, you invite them. If they say no, ask other people.

  4. Yeah, I'll have to just try asking more since I'm a bit shy, it seems like everyone is already kind of settled into their groups. I feel like I just float around and get along with everyone, but I'm not so close so it's a bit difficult to ask but I'll try.

  5. From what you're saying it seems like you're doing everything right.

  6. Yeah in both years 3 & 4 you will have 2-3 (depending on electives) out 5 courses per term have group projects and some of them may be actg courses. Off the top of my head, I know that ACTG 4400, 4200, 4600 have group projects. If you're specializing in accounting, there are other courses you have to take as well that have group projects such as MGMT 4100 and more.

  7. I miss hanging out with my friends all day. York is more of a commuter school and so people often leave after classes. So you don't get to hang out with your friends for as long.

  8. A simple to do list app. Once I'm done one task I know what to take next. I create a list each morning so I know what I need to get done. I limit it to as few things as possible.

  9. im in accounting and did two specializations, you don’t need to take an extra term ! you have enough elective slots to do two but most don’t since the actg and finance courses are quite heavy

  10. Yeah. You can do actg and another specialization besides finance and vice versa.

  11. oh ive heard of many people doing accounting and finance maybe things have changed !! not sure

  12. Yeah it's possible that it changed because I was told this 3 years ago during a mandatory academic advising session. You should double check with an advisor though to be sure.

  13. I took GEOG 1000 but there may be easier ones out there. Also idk how much the course has changed since I took it 4 years ago.

  14. Both are really good business schools. If you're going down the accounting route I would choose Schulich because they have a really good MAcc program that will help you prepare for the CPA.

  15. I don't know what else to say but maybe visit a therapist or just a family doctor first. Sorry I can't help more but I wanted to comment for more visibility.

  16. Playing an instrument is very impressive especially the piano. Don't think that is wasting time. You may not be playing for a crowd in a music Hall but it's still a talent. Be proud of that. Maybe try another instrument or a totally different hobby if you're not interested in piano anymore.

  17. I don't think playing piano is a waste of time at all.It's one of my favourite things,but I lack a lot of motivation. I also play the guitar in a less serious way (I'm self taught so I just learn the chords) and while it's fun it's also a way to indulge myself because it doesn't require any actual work.

  18. Practice. Have conversations with friends and family that your comfortable with. Then have small talk with cashiers and employees you meet. Start a new hobby/activities where people gather and see if you can have a conversation with new people over a shared interest.

  19. Eclass might not show up until the day of the first class

  20. There's stats math. So you should take data management

  21. I've heard that profs have 2 weeks from the end of exam period to release grades as the deadline but idk how true it is.

  22. Yeah do this. You can find the enrollment date on the York my online services website > check enrollment date.

  23. I did this, but it says that my enrolment access times are unavailable. I’ve seen people talking about applying for summer school, could it be that there’s something wrong?

  24. Did you get a conditional offer? Maybe the school is waiting for the requirements to be filled?

  25. If it's not a problem with your sleep, diet, or exercise habits then I would make sure to see a doctor as soon as possible.

  26. You'll have to take it the next time it's offered. If it's not offered during the summer then you'll have to do it during the school year. You should also talk to your academic advisor.

  27. Non business electives: SOWK 2020 and SOWK 2025 (year 3). ANTH 3040 for year 4

  28. Do you have to make diamond in both splits to get the drive trail?

  29. Did you apply to graduate already?

  30. That's weird. I'll finish this month so idk about the whole process. I'm assuming they'll notify us via email closer to the convocation date

  31. If you can take a course during the summer then you should so you lighten the course load during the fall and winter term

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