1. I have thought about that but by the time the tow truck gets here they’d already move and it’ll be hard to tow their car too considering there’s another vehicle behind it

  2. I've had to chop outdoor early just make bubble hash it's great if you have volume, shake the plants after the rain

  3. You know you can growmushrooms off those uncle Ben's instant rice, edible ones and for alot cheaper than those bags I think it's called the unclesbentek if ur intrested

  4. Don't lend money you need back, don't overinvolve yourself in other people's problems, don't fuck someone who's in a relationship

  5. What an obscene sandwich choice. Amazing, but obscene.

  6. Pasta deserves to be in sandwiches, lasagna in garlic bread after alot of alchoal is something indescribable and beautiful to wake up next to you in the morning

  7. Last time I had to babysit we just kept yelling "street beefs" then swing at eachother, I'd ask if they can drive me to the store for arbys

  8. You are really drunk and can't think straight?

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