1. Yeah I love em! PM me if you’d wanna trade

  2. I’d be interested what are you looking for?

  3. Willing to trade for some Wander, juan soto, cardinals players, jazz, judge, shohei. Or sell!

  4. For DFS, do any of these three lineups stand out to anyone? I like all three, but didn't know if there's someone else that would:

  5. Of the options, I'd probably go with the Burrow lineup. I love Henry, but I don't think that this week is the week to pay up for RB. Too much value to be had.

  6. Thanks! Had another similar lineup and plugged in Burks. Replaced Henry for McCaffery

  7. Cards for trade or sale - looking for juan soto, wander franco, J-rod, Brandon marsh, and a few others in trade. Prices below

  8. The Mark Duplass is 🔥🔥🔥

  9. Are the cards in the photos the cards you’re trading, or the cards you want to trade for?

  10. I purchased a card from them and had a somewhat similar experience. Gave them the benefit of the doubt for a few weeks giving them an opportunity to ship. I did eventually get a refund

  11. 10 tm. Ppr. Have no clue who to start this week. Pick 2, or 3 if you think the third should start over amari/Lamb.

  12. Nice cards fellow wander collector. 🤝 Didn't realize there was a heritage box toper!

  13. Cool card! Prices on wander have come down a lot as hype for some other rookies have been up. If you still have high expectations for him like I do, you might be better off waiting. If you're not a fan of him personally though, I'd consider trading it for a nice PC piece. My official recommendation would be trade it to me

  14. Love the black border auto! Favorite player growing up who got me in the hobby

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