1. One of the only toys they can’t destroy! I believe it’s the Safestix!

  2. This was actually really fun to watch. Great precision!

  3. How’s the reliability been for ya? How many miles? I’ve seen the two 11’s on YouTube that crossed 1M miles.

  4. Mine just celebrated her 15th last week! Yours looks like such a sweet girl. 😍

  5. Congrats! She is our last dog but even our youngest passed at 13 1/2. It just takes extra love and good food to keep them going.

  6. You're so lucky! We got 3 years with our boy before an autoimmune disease took him from us.

  7. That is just to damn early. I’m so sorry that happened to you and your pup. We’ve had three dogs and we’ve been blessed with them when it comes to health concerns.

  8. I really only play Cold War for the silver. I only play the Era 2 Premiums from the season earns.

  9. Funny how they have a SafeWay in Denver, Pa as well. I work down the road from that one.

  10. Do they still have all that construction on that intersection leading to that Safeway?

  11. You’re thinking of the SafeWay in Denver, Pa. I work at the warehouse down the road to the right.

  12. Congrats! Mine is at 188.7k but I’m going to be letting mine go soon. She’s a rough vehicle and she any worth fixing up anymore. She never leaves me stranded though!

  13. Beautiful truck, was just up in Hamburg Saturday to hike part of Hawk Mountain. Lovely area. If I ever get a new truck, probably gonna be an SR Tacoma.

  14. I’d say that’s a good deal. These are very solid vehicles. This is the last model year of the 1st generation so many of their bugs have been worked out at this point. Also, if divided out the yearly miles driven is below the average so I’d say this thing is a great choice. Good luck!

  15. i dont think ive ever even put my truck in 4L since the time i put in it to see if it would work

  16. I haven’t had this thing in 4wd since I bought it. I also saw all those videos on YT and loved the ones with guys “walking” their trucks. They just crawl.

  17. The old 4.9 was just humming, I love this thing!

  18. Call my 96 F150 Vicky. I have no idea why but that’s her name.

  19. finally a clean truck. absolutely love these rigs

  20. Thank you very much. Might do some cosmetic stuff, but I’m not lifting or putting those god awful wheels on it.

  21. This is a gorgeous truck sir. I've got a 2004 black and chrome 4x4 crew cab lariat F250 diesel and I'm jealous of this one 150%

  22. Thank you very much. I love this thing. Learned stick in this and I’m very happy with it. It turns heads all the time.

  23. Nice man. I wasn’t expecting this to be in PA. I’m in the Pittsburgh area, so when I see a rust free older vehicle I just assume it came from somewhere else. These OBS trucks have been going up in value like crazy over the last few years. If that trend continues, you’ll be able to get your money back when you’re done with it.

  24. That’s what I’m hoping for. I will say though, it’s nice having a vehicle that turns heads for once.

  25. Beautiful shot with the lightning! What engine she got under the hood?

  26. I got the V8. Gas mileage is like an airplane but it’s great.

  27. My grandma has an 04 4.0. I like it a lot. They’re a good looking vehicle.

  28. If I had to guess, he lives in an area that gets really freaking cold. I know that old Jeep Cherokee’s in Canada could be bought with black heaters. I assume it would help warm the oil so it’s not as thick on startup. I know some people put heaters in the oil pan so the oil itself is already warm.

  29. I put one in my 2.3L just so I had heat in the morning. Engine takes so long to warm up the heater wouldn't start blowing hot air until I was almost pulling into the parking lot.

  30. I have a Ford F150 4.9. Takes a decent bit for all that iron to warm up.

  31. Is that a Tacoma? Asking because I have a Tacoma and that looks exactly like mine but in better condition and mine is quiet. I’d look at the U joints first, check them for play and signs of “dusty” rust residue. If they aren’t totally roached, grease them up and see if the noise goes away.

  32. They’re not rusty, but my mom doesn’t exactly get this truck serviced the way she should. When we get the bearing done(regardless of it being bad) I’m gonna tell her to have our mechanic grease everything

  33. Some people don't replace things until they catastrophically fail. I like to replace items such as bearings before they fail because they tend to take other components with them when they fail. Side note: when I replace mine I didn't want to take my drive shaft off twice so I replaced all u-joints at the same time and found one that had a broken needle bearing. Possibly the cause of my clunk noise to begin with but now I'm happy because I know it's all good for a few more years.

  34. That’s what I did with my wheel bearings on my 4Runner. Lifted it up one day and had the smallest shimmy. Now, I have good bearings. I actually just bought the OEM part a few minutes ago. So if that doesn’t fix the noise, it has a brand new bearing anyway for peace of mind.

  35. Did the same thing with my Tacoma last year when one started humming at speed. There's a guy on one of the forums that sells OEM wheel bearings pressed into OEM hubs. Otherwise you can only buy them separate and press them together or buy an assembly with cheaper aftermarket bearings.

  36. I know, that was some bull crap. I actually bought Denso bearings which where as close to OEM as I could get without going broke. Been very happy so far.

  37. I was searching around for info on startup rattle and other vehicle forums found that the 0w oil made startup quieter.

  38. Sad thing is, I need probably about 2k of work done. If I were to really tear her down for the pump and/or the chain gear and guides, it would end my ownership of this thing. It’s been a pain in the ass anyway so idk. Might just get a car and keep my F150.

  39. Could be a stretched timing chain and/or tensioner starting to go out.

  40. That’s what I’m thinking could be the main thing. Problem is, I’m not ready to sink more money than I would have to already. Already thinking of getting rid of it.

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