1. Turn in your letter and if they scream, you walk. Let them know it's on them for not getting you help and piling work on you.

  2. Get off the Adderall, get a Medical Marijuana Card and medicate that way. Don't rely on the big pharma industry with their drugs.

  3. Thanks but Adderall helps me to function. Learn how ADHD works before telling people who deal with it to just smoke weed.

  4. I get that Adderall helps but it's a synthetic drug. I'm only suggesting to find a more natural help. Synthetic drugs have too many side effects and cause other issues. I understand how ADHD works. They wanted me to get on it. I found a few strains that work instead.

  5. I just don't get posts like this. On the street, you're roughly going to pay around 180-250 for an oz. If you watch the sales, you can get an oz for around the low end of that. Why does it matter if it's big buds, popcorn, or shake? It all gets you high and helps with your issue. I definitely don't get the rosin thing. Why do you need something like that? Something that you hack your lungs out and gets you so high, you can't function. I'm sure I'll get downvoted for this, but it's how I feel.

  6. Nope. They will replace you and forget about you. Not your responsibility to be worried. You don't own the company. If they aren't smart enough to hire help or a consultant, that's on them.

  7. Jen Glowe @ Ibi David Salon in Westlake! No one better out there! She will take amazing care of your hair!

  8. They are calling for decent snow here as well, especially the east side which is more snow belt.

  9. Prosperity Social Club has awesome pierogies.

  10. Lmao. You're a SysAdmin, you're always OnCall.

  11. And you use it in cooking? Coffee? How would you use this?

  12. I can tell you from experience these will definitely tear you up. It comes in waves. It lasted 5 or 6 hours. Eat a couple and you'll be flying.

  13. I don't think anyone uses abortion as birth control. It's a literal medical procedure. It's a lot easier for women to take a pill every month than get an abortion. Women would be carrying multiple pregnancies per year which is very hard on the body instead of taking a pill. That doesn't make sense.

  14. Yes I know how it works. Yes it is used as birth control for some people. I know because I've seen it. My ex had an abortion. Talking to people in the waiting area and they're talking about it's their 4th or 7th abortion.

  15. Do you think that women should be limited to a certain amount of abortions before they're forced to carry to term???

  16. No. I can't make that decision for someone else. My own personal feelings are exactly that, my own.

  17. My suggestion would be start at Prosperity Social Club and then go to the Spotted Owl.

  18. They are both owned by the same person. He also owns Good Company and is working on a couple new businesses.

  19. Ah, there it is. I knew you'd show it sooner or later.

  20. I didn't show anything but how people feel. Of course you take it in a racial direction. You're part of the problem in today's society.

  21. Listen, if you want to play "who's the real racist" you can't be throwing around terms like "ghetto trash". One or the other dude.

  22. Ghetto trash doesn't describe a race genius. Ghetto trash describes a type of person and the lifestyle they choose. There ghetto trash in all races. The fact that your pea sized brain goes there first shows all about you.

  23. Is there anyway to get under here? I'd love to be able to go see it all without all the tours and crap.

  24. That would be cool too, but I'd love to be able to walk it, take pics, see the views of the city.

  25. Take an Uber and go to Tremont!!! Some of the best food and cocktails in Cleveland!

  26. Well since the Browns are Clowns anyway, it's a Jersey and a costume all in one.

  27. I actually didn't end up with either. After research and talking to a local shop in depth, I got an Arizer Solo 2.

  28. If you have access to everclear, it is great for tinctures. Availability is spotty in the USA, so if you are outside of it, no idea what the rules are.

  29. Better off making a high % extraction and then "lacing" your tequila/whole margarita. I've seen everywhere low alcohol % liquid extraction is poopy

  30. Yeah I figured a high proof tequila and I could add drops to my margarita.

  31. Reading…breaking stuff…repeat.

  32. I really appreciate everyone responding! Keep'em coming!

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