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  1. How is there no evidence if the House committee report verified just that?!

  2. I see comments for the last 30 days. Not scrolling further.

  3. 80 cents of today's 1.17 loss was due to bullshit after hours and pre market trading.

  4. The shorts are leaking out after the DOOMPs expired?

  5. Short interest lags big time. For example this publication was for a settlement date of Jan 13th, meaning short sells from Jan 11th. DOOMP potential increase won't show until next report if it shows at all (lol self reported).

  6. This would be incredibly bullish if I could read.

  7. Hey dude, I love seeing your posts and comments around Superstonk! Keep doing what you're doing, the data will be fit into the wrinkle puzzle soon!

  8. Every broker has a rehypothication agreement in their terms and conditions.

  9. Now let it sink in that this is what mainstream banks have been doing since fractional reserve banking began…

  10. Exactly! Now we can see it on a public ledger.

  11. OP you're the best. Thanks for owning your mistake, we're all apes at the end of the day and make mistakes!

  12. Why has my butthole been so itchy this week?

  13. I think she’s saying that roughly 97% of brokerage orders are internalized and only about 3% show up in the daily volume totals. Could be wrong. Am dumb.

  14. Idk about this because volume must be reported, regardless of venue, exchange or strategy, within 10 seconds of execution.

  15. Which one is the multiply button on this number machine again?

  16. Remember to switch to book after settlement.

  17. Pretty simple, the current price is lower than the open price.

  18. I'll be the 741,069,420th person to say:

  19. Looking over the edge of the cliff into the abyss, still blaming retail for the position they put themselves in.

  20. What started out as a relatively exciting morning looks like it’s gonna be a boring day today.

  21. Wait til they flip the buy algo back on.

  22. Sold, but not delivered. This needs to be what everyone says, not “FTD” which doesn’t mean anything to the general public.

  23. You mean Kenneth Griffin who has $65,000,000,000 of securities sold but not yet purchased?

  24. I knew it was bullshit when they didn't mention DRS at all. How can you tell an Ape there's a handbook to fight Naked Short Sellers without DRS? You just sound stupid.

  25. Because they don't want to give away the TRUTH on how to fight naked shorts. They want to push shareholders and CEOs towards tactics they are prepared to handle while making them think they're fighting back.

  26. imagine paper handing over a couple bucks worth of gains per share.

  27. I don't think it's paper hands, I think it's retail short sellers.

  28. Wouldn't be surprised if traditional retail traders shorted the run today, giving us this metric.

  29. I don’t care who you are; nobody goes from owning billions in assets to self-reportedly ‘only’ having $100k in the bank overnight and just seems to shrug it off and be mentally sane. This explains that

  30. "Well I didn't specific WHICH bank account.."

  31. If there's risk, the market is always looking to create a product to hedge.

  32. Daily reminder that you can't say h3nta1 but a mod can have it in their name

  33. I had a comment removed for literally just saying: m o v i e t h e a t r e

  34. I remember finding that out when I literally asked if it's actually a good place to watch a movie.

  35. The attempt on containment of superstonk is unbelievable.

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