1. Just hanging on, but I'm glad yours is going well :)

  2. Who cares, there are always consequences in life. Deal with it. Put up or shut up

  3. I have never used a backpack style before but get whatever suits your needs. Get a good pair of split ring pliers and needle nose pliers. Far as lures are concerned see you what kind of bait fish or creatures the fish are eating in the particular waterways you fish and then of course get suitable baits to replicate that. A good selection of spinnerbaits and crankbaits should do well, but don't overlook the simplicity of the plastic worm. A lot of the time they will out fish any other type of bait, except perhaps live bait. Have fun 👍

  4. GM! Tysm! There’s 4 pretty big ponds in my subdivision. I usually use live bait. I’m not advanced but I know basics. That’s what I grew up using. Crickets, minnows, meal worms, wigglers, and night crawlers. I know crappy season coming up so I’m buying my supplies now. I don’t know how to use lures. I tried, never caught anything. 🤷🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ I will buy some more lures and try again. Tysm again! Happy Sunday!

  5. I sad cause my friend did not invite me to her party

  6. I slept great! I've been on reddit for the past 30 minutes though

  7. If she starts breaking plates over my head then...yeah that's not good

  8. Just choices of foods that I hated when I was younger and swore that I would never like them.

  9. Techniques? Lol people have to face the are either a boring person or you're not. Not much can change that

  10. That's just simply not true. People can be boring then figure out one day that they want adventure and just change their lives completely. It's not like boring people aren't capable of finding obscure hobbies or becoming outgoing. Just takes work if they want to put that work in. I used to be boring when I was married, but now I'm free and have learned to live life to the fullest and now my life is far from boring.

  11. I'm speaking of personality characteristics, not finding time to do more hobbies. You can't just change personality. If you are boring at a younger age, once you reach adulthood it is very unlikely to be any different. You are probably going to remain a person that people consider boring, developmentally speaking

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