1. I’d name Vulpes something like, Kelly, or Kyle, so he could be “genocidal Kelly”

  2. There is a celebrity in my country her name is Angela Baby. And I went to high school w this guy who’s English name is Lucky Baby. So I’d say not something like Cool Baby it’s kinda cliché

  3. 杀害的话身边没有,歧视倒是不少…我外婆外公有两个女儿(我妈和小姨),以前经常有人笑我外公外婆生不出儿子,但是我外公外婆都是好人,给了她们很好的教育并且对她们还算可以

  4. Are you a bot? Seriously, your post history is like 5 years of nothing but hundreds upon hundreds of New Vegas shit posts. Wtf even are you even doing?

  5. I’m expecting 😇🤩🥳🙏 to have diahrea

  6. Not sure if you mean “fuck house” or “fuck” house. The cum looks nice tho

  7. Ftm用这个我一点意见没有,顺性别男性用这个的话……😅

  8. You can get your license at any dmv. One of my mates went to a more remote DMV which was easier than taking it in LA which is usually pretty bad for traffic. Either way consistent practice will get you there don’t worry bud.

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