On my wife’s flight from ATL to JFK this morning

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  1. Maybe that’s because you’re 13 and haven’t shaved before

  2. I'd go with elektron solely because digitone is the best synth ever made, but for a better all around pallette I think Roland takes the cake

  3. Just curious, what makes it the best ever? I’d like to hear your thoughts

  4. Nah dude she seems like she has a great personality too

  5. Wow incredible she is messaging you from the future!!!

  6. This definitely sounds like someone who has had sex before. Definitely definitely not a virgin. Nope, no virgins here.

  7. Don’t worry cupcake we all definitely believe you

  8. Tbh, the mayor barely has any real power in Los Angeles. So go ahead and vote for Trump-lite all you want. He'll be about as effective as all the other mayors, and you'll continue being mad.

  9. Do you mind expanding on how he’s Trump lite? Trying to learn more about our options

  10. He's a right-leaning real estate developer turned outsider politician. He's definitely not Trump (a singular figure in American politics, to be sure) but there's some crossover.

  11. I see what you’re saying. My impression of him so far has been tweets about him and the debate that he was in, in which he quoted “our president Joe Biden said..” and then I don’t remember the quote but I’ve been asking people about the trump comparison. I’m starting to see that it’s less of a political comparison and more people worried about his perceived lack of scruples. Thanks for responding!

  12. Your daily reminder that Caruso is NOT a Democrat. He is a Trump-loving, pro-lifer trying to buy his way into controlling the Los Angeles government for HIS benefit and his benefit only.

  13. I keep trying to find the pro trump stuff about him online but I’m having trouble, do you have a link or anything that says more about it? Thanks in advance

  14. What’s demisexual tho? I know I could google it, but think of all the lazy’s who’ll benefit from your answer, dear answerer.

  15. “Hear me out, how about you be the Q T I P on”

  16. “14 words” it’s a like a motto for white supremacists

  17. Colin Hay if you count members of a band He was in “Men at Work”

  18. Not really my right or intention to change your opinion of me!

  19. “Hercules is pretty great but I’d love to talk to you about that legendary booty”

  20. Do we get all his burner twitter accounts in the trade as well? Going to need back up defending that decision.

  21. Currently engaged to a woman whom I had sex with approximately 6 hours after meeting

  22. Bravo, Tom on a long and successful career. You will forever be remembered as one of the most highly decorated cheaters of all time.

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