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  1. Family in the car? "Timmy pass me the Glock I'm boutta smoke this cunt"

  2. Crying "But dad, we only have a 500 nitro bone collector and a 1911. What should I do? "

  3. The terror in it's eyes, the broken tiles, the anger in so few words.

  4. Because of black people assaulting someone and racism and statistics and acting like animals and etc...

  5. TTB, tu la pourris car elle a réussi à prouvé que le délai n'était pas impossible.

  6. Bro imagine you’re plumber in Australia, you really down to get into fist fights with snakes, frogs and giant man eating spiders? I’d say fuck that every man for themselves

  7. Why would I find a giant man in my toilets and why is he eating spiders?!

  8. Au pire ne peut on pas tous se mettre d'accord sur "viennoiserie contenant généralement deux barre de chocolat en son sein"?

  9. Quand on te demande un 49.3 pour bannir le nom "pain au chocolat" .

  10. Can't even get a good view of these flips... Mediocre!

  11. It's just lacking love. An ingredient that only someone with the best intentions can provide.

  12. So when this old blind guy sexually harasses someone, it's a funny cartoon moment. BUT WHEN I

  13. Thank you very much, my fellow redditor! And a happy new year to everybody reading this!

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