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  1. Has to be carrier unlocked or completely unlocked for you to do this.

  2. Can get charged when you land and your phone tries to connect to the roaming towers

  3. Used to care before finding out my favourite Thai place was a 3. Delivery on the way right now.

  4. She was big in skeptic and anti-feminist YouTube circles back in the day. She said she regrets some content she’s put out there once she realized the consequences it has. She endorsed Bernie Sanders. It’s hard to pin down where she stands because she just comes off as really dumb. She comments on politics a lot, but doesn’t seem to care about how her audience gets influenced even if she apologizes, she still to be irresponsible over and over again

  5. Because they are on good terms with each other but most people on the left consider her a conservative. So his fans always bother him about still not disavowing her and perceive him as ignoring her faults. Faults like, feeding into the right wing narrative about gay groomers, which she did earlier this year (even though she is a liberal, she has reactionary tendencies). But I disagree that he ignores that, and additionally think we're too bloodthirsty about her, always bringing her up again and again, and making shit up about her.

  6. Pfft not that impressive. Pretty much me every day before I worked out I was lactose intolerant.

  7. Tell them you get pins and needles/ numbness in your feet. Straight to the top of the list.

  8. Not necessarily, I'm UK-based and have numbness down back of leg and sole of my foot bur have been told its a two year wait for surgery...

  9. Well, that's one way to add a little more fiber to your diet.

  10. I saw a specialist a few weeks ago. Took 8 months of referrals. Vast majority of sufferers are under 40. It’s in no way an indicator of future poor back health. That really helped me to hear because I am young too and relatively healthy.

  11. I challenge anyone to watch the ending without shedding a tear.

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