1. in some countries they vaccinate their chickens to prevent salmonella... hopefully here.

  2. Wisconsin Black man arrested while driving with white grandmother sues officers

  3. Old maid looks like her second husband died of natural causes after she killed the first and third ones. So now she has a cat

  4. "old maid" refers to a woman who has never had a lover or husband and will never marry

  5. Willie Nelson played there and Evil Knievel did a show.

  6. This was not the result of a broken pepper bottle. This person enjoys eggs this way.

  7. The consumer-friendly Internet and video games we’ve known so far could be likened to the Catholic missions of the Spanish Empire to the Americas in the 16th century. The missionaries not only converted large portions of the indigenous populations, but conducted what could only be understood today as anthropological research on behalf of the Empire. This both softened the population for the Conquistadors who followed, and gave the invaders the intelligence they needed to subjugate and colonize them.

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