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  1. I beg to taste them Goddess as they look so beautiful and i know ill be under their power the instant i inhale your scent

  2. Always a lovely thought to inhale their scent

  3. Yes Goddess I obey as I love being a shoe cleaning slave to you

  4. Happy to volunteer if it means licking all day

  5. Whenever I see them snd and crave tasting your nets and heels

  6. Love serving at your beautiful feet mistress

  7. Yes Mistress where I belong as your loyal foot pet

  8. As a loyal seat to you already given 🧎🏻‍♂️

  9. Serve them until you were ready to give a new order for them

  10. As you command Goddess I obey and hopefully if I please you I can spend the day under them

  11. Knelt ready to greet them with my face as your footrest

  12. I’d be happy to apply as being a footrest to such a smiley powerful duo as you are

  13. Always on time when such beauty is on show

  14. The perfect place to be being a foot pet to you

  15. Every time I see it’s beauty I imagine the wiggling above

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