1. Didn’t say it was, you could just be from there

  2. All good but you could have tried harder on Canada

  3. South Korea? And Papua-New Guinea?

  4. Das sind eine Menge Flaggen! (That's a lot of Flags!)

  5. So what's next to Poland if Germany's next to Russia

  6. Die is 'The' in German, but it's spelled like the word 'Die'

  7. Yeah but I want you to do the same with the Australian flag 🇦🇺

  8. Ukraine, France, Japan, Hungary, China, Russia and Czechia!

  9. I wonder what that could be! Argentina?

  10. Ik this wasn't intentional but the text looks like Arabic lol! Like if Brazil was a Muslim country!

  11. That's cool! Must have taken the person who made that a long time!

  12. Its just gonna look the same right? Oh i know just swap the colours of the current Swedish flag 🇸🇪.... yeh im an idiot. 😅

  13. Wasn't there this Japanese Mario Anime that wasn't released elsewhere and only in Japan ad a safety PSA about Road and Fire safety?

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