1. Calls and text, yes. Data up to 512MB/day then throttled.

  2. Ok. What kind of documentation do i need to prove my number is from boost?

  3. Screenshot of Boost account page showing your name and number I believe.

  4. Ok. Do I have to keep the sim in iPhone SE for 3 months to get promo, or I can move the sim to my android phone after activation?

  5. For promo it doesn’t matter. For device unlock, maybe. The original SIM must be used on the device for the countdown to start, to be safe you should keep it in device for 60 days.

  6. What's a customer supposed to do about it though? When I and others have complained, the response is basically "we aren't responsible for language on our website not representing the promotion we intended." And it doesn't seem worth my time to figure out how to sue a company for the equivalent of less than one day's wages for me.

  7. No the language on the site is fine. It states “up to” $200/300 or whatever the active promo is. We get this type of post at least once a month. Up to includes the value of $0.

  8. Just to clarify, you mean device purchase at the same time as the port-in? So if I bought the new device several months later, you wouldn't expect that to qualify?

  9. I wouldn’t. Many people have had their gift card rejected even when they fulfilled the requirements, not expecting Visible to go out of their way to give one to you.

  10. I had this same issue coming from Boost. Was a PITA! I ended up chancing it by choosing AT&T prepaid because I also didn’t want to choose other and risk the system dropping the promo. After the phone came and I activated the port failed because it was the wrong carrier. I had to chat with them to explain it was supposed to be Boost Mobile. It took several attempts but that was partially my fault since I didn’t know you had to reach out to Boost to get a port out pin. Hope this helps! Good luck!

  11. I think this is an issue with BTN (AT&T) lines and Visible expects TN (Sprint/T-Mobile) lines and haven’t updated their code.

  12. Make sure it’s sold by and not a 3rd party.

  13. Which is funny as they specifically tell you to “call back if you want to have service again” when canceling.

  14. That is NR Flex policy. If you paid for the phone in full contact the retailer to have them assist you in unlocking the phone.

  15. See OP again. I'm talking about devices purchased thru Visible.... not some random iPhones.

  16. Visible is an official Apple carrier selling iPhones locked to Visible for 60 days. NR Flex is for iPhones bought in retail stores such as Target or Best Buy. Those are the ones that “Flex lock” to first SIM inserted.

  17. I couldn’t even get past the screen where you enter the number and choose the carrier… it immediately tells me the number isn’t active.

  18. Basically your old Visible account is interfering with your new one.

  19. Did you ever have service with Visible with the number you are trying to port in?

  20. Contact chat and provide them with the correct PIN.

  21. Loved getting HBO, showtime, and....the other one for free by removing the filters. Haha!

  22. If you have blobs for ios 14 yes. Or use SunStorm but it requires a fully tethered reboot. IOW... you can't reboot your phone without it tethered. JB or not.

  23. SE2020 does not support that. Only the SE OG can use bootloader tethered jb.

  24. All models support C-band (n77/78). Not all models support mmWave though, only the VZ base (+$100) or the Pro has the antenna for it.

  25. Even on the store page, under connectivity, it shows 2 models with different connectivity -

  26. If you are buying the P7 only the VZ model has mmWave (+$100). You’d be getting the one without. P7P has mmWave in the base model I believe.

  27. The SIM tray has it etched in very small print. But then again that part can be replaced or swapped.

  28. You are overthinking it... Verizon does nothing but requested Google to make a version where the bootloader isn't unlockable. Doesn't matter how they do it, but they design the software so it can't be done. And since it can't be unlocked, you can't root it or access any of the files that put it in that condition, so knowing how it's done is not relevant. Incredibly good reverse engineers have been trying for years, since the Verizon version came out, to find a work around and it's just not possible.

  29. There was one VZ Pixel where you could OEM unlock by following a sequence of steps after a factory reset while in Airplane mode.

  30. Thought what happened in Vegas stays in Vegas. Leave your disappointment there! /s

  31. Are you in north Dallas/Addison by any chance? I have the same Cell ID and LAC (which should be unique?) and my service went away Monday as well. I get a connection but it doesn’t pass data. Forcing it to roam on T-Mobile sometimes works. Haven’t had time yet to call them.

  32. Cell ID and LAC are both -1 which indicates something isn’t configured correctly or the hotspot is misinterpreting the values.

  33. First stupid app that requires iOS 15.5(!) to work, for what is essentially a glorified XML parser, apart from eSIM downloading.

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