1. Keep following the story. You will learn how to unlock them

  2. Winter has those worms/artefacts that you hit with hoe

  3. They’re every season, just easier to see in the winter

  4. G-portal. You can often find discounts through YouTubers like Syntac and Raasclark. I’ve been using their servers a fair bit and haven’t had any issues

  5. Watch SeeShell gaming breeding video. It’s a long video but it explains it really well.

  6. You can get more than 20 mutations, it just usually isn’t worth doing because it becomes increasingly harder to get a mutation. Also, mutagen increases stats and people who have been breeding for a long time can probably get those numbers.

  7. not worth doing? I disagree but to each their own

  8. Well, I guess it is worth it, but most people won’t get that far honestly

  9. Are you overclocking? Other than that, I have no idea

  10. Ah that did not work. I'll keep researching and post on this thread if I find a solution!

  11. Did you put it into the .ini files without the question mark? Did you do a Dino wipe?

  12. Oh nice thanks I will give that a go! Do you think I'd need to add any other parameters to get this to work?

  13. I don’t think so. Just choose a number between 0-1

  14. Make sure to have testing cheats enabled and then “freerealestate on”

  15. Huh weird… when I checked it said sims4 sub… not sure what happened there

  16. I just learned recently that I can press “M” to travel, instead of accidentally clicking on the calendar, closing it again and clicking on the phone, going to the car icon and picking “Travel” Also, when I am away from my house, I can also just press “M” instead of the little House Icon next to the character and wait another in-game-hour until they left the current lot and returned home

  17. Wait… what? I usually just scroll out as far as I can and the travel icon comes up. Didn’t know I could use M

  18. There’s a custom dino levels mod and if you search Ark level equaliser on google it will come up with a reddit post to increase high level spawns


  20. This is based off a video done a year ago I think

  21. Watch SeeShell gaming breeding video. It’s long but it made me understand it

  22. So I would have to find another female the same level aswell or would it be fine because I’m just watching YouTube videos tryna learn 😂

  23. Watch SeeShell gaming breeding video. It’s a long vid but she explains it really well

  24. I think diagrams get added as you get them so the gaps depend on the order that you are getting the diagrams. So let's say you have a one page diagram on the left hand side and nothing on the right hand side. If you next diagram is one page, it'll add it to the right. If it's 2 pages, it'll skip the page and take the next page spread. So it's unlikely that gap will ever disappear

  25. Yeah… I will make sure not to open a letter from the researchers if I know it will leave a blank page. I’ve restarted days so that the handbook gets no blank pages lol

  26. They have disabled them for a bit as people have had issues

  27. Is there an approximate date for them to reopen them?

  28. According to twitter. 1pm pst. So in like 30min? But knowing wildcard it could be anytime

  29. Yeah I play with them all together and the city one as well and they work fine

  30. I usually go to gen 2. Farm heaps of element, craft every item I need and transfer the structures over. Only need a few element to run the generators

  31. We got like 9 at our main base- tired of doing boss runs for only 40-60 at a time / or grinding trophies for alpha brood and only get like 3-400.

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