1. Ha It only took me 97 hours. I'm kidding congrats dude! It's a difficult one and felt so good to get

  2. According to psnprofiles it's top rung in the first injustice game 1.69% but I would say it's crash 4's platinum

  3. It is, but beating BX was a challenge for me. Took me forever.

  4. Jesus that was one hell of a ride. Thanks for giving me vietnam-like flashbacks

  5. What was harder perfect relics or platinium relics?

  6. Both of them made me wanna have a mental breakdown but I'd say the perfect relics are harder and more tedious cus it would take me 1-2 hours to beat one on a good day the platinum relics were definitely hard tho toxic tunnels and nitro processing gave me a pain of a time

  7. I wonder how is this possible? I don’t think it is for me.

  8. Oh trust me I thought that aswell and multiple points in the journey made think that but all you have to do is push through

  9. You and I both know that is not fully true.

  10. For the sex thing, we literally said the same thing. She's allowed to decline for a "valid" reason - ie period/sick. But just not being in the mood is not a valid reason. Which is disgusting. Who wants to have sex with someone doing it because they're obligated but aren't actually into it? Why isn't that rule equal for both?

  11. Idk if you read it clearly or not but I specifically said that not being in the mood is a VALID reason

  12. Borderlands 3 definitely better farming better gameplay better story imo just everything tina was a huge dissapointment for me

  13. Moxxis dlc doesn’t have the re volter in it, the revolter is in dlc6.

  14. Yeah it’s not a bad story it’s just BS that they kill off two favorite characters and then hand the reins over to a child. A child who likes claptrap by the way.

  15. I mean Maya was destined to die and lilith death is not exactly confirmed but what they could've done with Maya is make her die later in the game so that we get attached to her kind of like Roland's but yeah, a child who likes claptrap is the worst part lol

  16. I don’t see why Maya had to die though. Yeah what’s her name (legit forgot the kids name) was gonna be a siren (yes mainly once Maya died) but it didn’t need to happen that soon. Not sure why Tanis wasn’t made the new leader. At least she dislikes Claptrap.

  17. Ava being the leader is hands down the stupidest decision made in any video game history

  18. I've dealt with this farm to, its annoying because its all RNG with the monarch only having a 16.5% drop chance and the 9-volt having a 13.5% drop chance. Good Luck my guy.

  19. Weird I farmed it yesterday and I got 2 monarchs and 2 9 volts back to back to back, thanks though I'll keep trying

  20. I had that happen too. Sometimes you get them back to back and sometimes you go on a thirst streak and get nothing for runs. thats unfortunately just how rng works. just keep on going. if you want every element it can take some time, but the dps is worth it😁

  21. There are a couple places in 3 horns I've seen hold ppl up for getting that. Have you made sure these 2 spots are filled in? First in 3 horns divide:

  22. I did make sure I helped a friend with discovering them and we went to the exact same places and he got the trophy and I didn't so I'm pretty sure the trophy is glitches and I have to do it on a brand new character

  23. Also a ps4 gamer here, would love to start a new character with someone

  24. يسطا انا طيب مع الناس و مبشتمش كده عشان زهقان ماشي لو أصحاب اوي و هزار و كده بس مبشتمش كده عشان زهقان و بهزر و بضحك و بسامح حد لو اضايق مني و كل حاجة يعني بس الناس برضو مش طايقاني

  25. في ياصاحبي بس الاندومي مش الكمفورت فود اوي قول بطاطس و بيض مثلا I'm a simple man

  26. finally found my level 50 surging storm. hit me up when you’re on!

  27. The people in these comments are lame as shit. Good kill!

  28. Thanks man I didn't really do it to flex I was just farming xp and go this was my fastest kill so I thought I'd post it thinking it was cool, apparently not lol

  29. face mcshooty fans on their way to murder suicidal people

  30. Go to Youtube and check joltzdude139 for the Charakter ur playing. Also if u have good weapons i kinda recommend the normal Version of the empyrian sentinel for moonstones bc during the fight he Drops ammo in very big amounts. If ure ammo efficient bc u use nisha with something like a mongol or a badaboom while playing heavy tombstone i recommend farming a low Level Logans gun and an absorption shield. That way u can farm iwajira without wasting much money on restocking ammo.

  31. I love Joltz but all of his playthroughs on tps use the patch and he highly depends on that and I'm on console so it doesn't really help but thanks for the gear recommendations

  32. I would butball the drops would be too high. I cant seem to get past level 57. Xp is so hard to get late game (edit. I spelt like an terribly)

  33. Did you turn off chaos mode in the main menu? I don't know if that effects it, but all I can think of.

  34. Yeah, but you can adjust chaos level. Did you set it to the max possible before each trial run?

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