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  1. well, going through his tablet or wanting to go through his tablet is a sign of lack of trust. I would say, let him have his privacy

  2. I dont exactly go through his tablet, I only try to grab it as a joke because it's strange to me that he gets that scared just because I enter his room

  3. Nobody wants to be judged for what they're interested in, whether it's something you should or should not be ashamed of. I highly doubt it's going to be anything detrimental

  4. Hmm youre right maybe he's just afraid of me laughing at him even if I would never do that, I think I overreacted.. Thank you

  5. VS sunday mod, its one of my favorites and I really want an update

  6. I think it does? If its about la fitness upside down (unless thats the logo), if not then it doesnt

  7. Im from Mexico, 115 pesos are 5 dollars and 279 pesos are 13 dollars

  8. Ya I can’t even buy y the job pack still says coming soon

  9. Maybe try updating the app by yourself, I did that and got the pack

  10. I just tried not to get caught while doing crimes for the family, over the years the family was giving me promotions until the other godfather died. Also what I did was do simple things like steal cars or houses, so you lower the probability of getting caught

  11. Holy fuck, your family are assholes! Why are they all commenting on your weight.

  12. I guess its because they were worried about my weight, so me gaining weight is something good for them, but they dont know the way their comments make me feel

  13. The reason was that I had many children, my character was not yet 50

  14. if you have over 7 children already you can’t adopt

  15. Thanks for telling me, I was confused because my character was like 40 and something

  16. One of my couples in my game are Kawaii Chan from Aphmau and Yoosung from Mystic Messenger and I honestly love it

  17. I don't know, lately my only way to feel good is texting or talking with my boyfriend, I dont talk a lot with my best friends anymore and that makes me sad. I was feeling good until my boyfriend went to sleep, now I feel kinda empty?

  18. When I was like 6 or 7 years old I stole a candy from my old school's store

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