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Kansas City Police officer shoots fellow cop when intending to shoot an apprehended suspect named Malcolm Johnson. She then incorrectly thinks the gunshot came from the suspect shooting and proceeds to shoot him two times. KCPD tried to cover this up until video showing the incident was released.

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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. How can Bayern fans constantly claim that Pavard is just a average right back when in truth I have never seen a bad game of him?

  2. I mean he's good enough to be a consistent starter for Bayern. That says enough about his level.

  3. I re-watched it two days ago and yes it's absolutely great.

  4. Me getting lost in specific wikis of shows I'll never watch / video games I'll never play, reading absolutely everything

  5. The "xD" is what makes me want to clap his face, fuck that dude

  6. In SW universe a lightsaber without the force is already dumb af (unless you're a crazy peak technology cyborg), and it would be even more useless in ours. I'd kill myself in 2 seconds with one.

  7. I've done things just like your mate and I'm GC. Not a big deal.

  8. Playing more 2s would be something like 3s - plat 2s diamond 1s gold/plat.

  9. It can happen, I'm GC but I think I have plat MMR in 3s because I played like less than 10 games max in all my years of RL

  10. I think OP is not talking about being a lil drunk/tired but about being wasted and having holes in your memory and wounds etc.

  11. Or host parties with friends you trust, that will be respectful to you and your place even if you're drunk

  12. Depends. I had better control air rolling than not when I was in plat

  13. If you need that in plat there are probably 1000 other aspects you should work on to get better, plats can't even aerial at all

  14. Yeah, but learning air roll control is vital and greatly improves aerial control

  15. And a normal player with regular progression should end up C2/3 before even starting to think about those things

  16. Yes I am literally in love with Kassandra

  17. What a surprise, those men literally can't live without a 2nd mother for all their life

  18. How many fat cops do they need to handcuff a dude that's already lying on the ground fucking hell it's insane how dumb and incompetent they are.

  19. My brother in christ that's not a coincidence, it doesn't accidentally look like it, it's literally it

  20. I haven’t watched rebels, so I thought it was just bad storytelling.

  21. Well it is, if he needs to survive just don't make the audience think a character most of them don't care about got killed just to say he survived a few episodes later.

  22. Is it necessary to get past C2? I’ve been stuck at this rank for a long time lol

  23. Definitely not. I use normal air roll all the time and only use a directional one for my half flips.

  24. The user can't always fix the problem, especially if it's PC, any config or driver discrepancy can cause issues.

  25. Well if you really have constant crashes you shouldn't play competitive and let your teammate(s) down every 2 game. Why should it be different ? Leaving is leaving, even if it's a crash. If disconnections or crashes didn't ban you the same way as leaving, people would easily abuse it to leave games freely. Plus first time of like every day it's only 5 minutes. Don't act like it's a big deal.

  26. That wasn't entirely part of the discussion, however I do agree. If I knew I had a crashing problem, I wouldn't really play that much, especially not ranked.

  27. Yeah why would you even want to play a game that's not working for you.

  28. Mostly good experience and removes a lot of the toxicity from the game.

  29. That's like every C2/C3 players at the start of the season when you have the GC title whenever they manage to do anything successful against you it's so funny

  30. I don't want to hear constant heavy breaths for 5 minutes every game

  31. I can barely name one song post Recovery so don’t know if it’s actually warranted

  32. You have the right to not like his recent music but don't act like people can't fucking name songs like Rap God lmao

  33. I saw this posted elsewhere and someone commented like(paraphrased):

  34. Imagine dying over shit like that, just control your feelings like you're not a toddler anymore and go on with your life

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