1. Has your cousin watched any Friday the 13th films at all? If so the answer is obvious.

  2. He did, i don't know where he got his idea that Cena would stand a chance.

  3. Tell your cousin he's stupid. Jason has survived far worse than anything a normal human could throw at him. Wrestlers aren't even meant to permanently hurt each other in the ring, much less learn how to snap necks. Even if John cena was a trained assassin it wouldn't nlmatter though.

  4. Yes he is universal and yet he got knocked out by a temple falling on top of him? Does this make sense to you? And the god you are referring to im pretty sure he was not at his full power anyway.

  5. I don't like to to "debate" when Doom Slayer involved because there is now way to get into a consensus about him, but i'll try to make a fair, explanation, i guess

  6. Quora has some ridiculously funny and cringe answers in terms of "Who Would Win". Really, I once saw a guy who claimed that John Wick can beat Spider-Man and even most part of Avengers.

  7. That depends, the avengers killed his dog? They are fucked then (Just Kidding)

  8. The prompt doesn't say anything about him consuming fruits that could boost his ability yet for some reason I'm getting downvoted here

  9. He can if Dio wants, in this thread Dio's objective is World Domination, by any means necessary and as in put, he is In Character, would Dio consume those fruits?

  10. Talion with the Nâzgul Ring (Mordor: Shadow of War)

  11. I'm pretty sure Steely Dan actually survives exactly this.

  12. But with Steely, Jotaro wasn't doing to kill him, he was doing just to make him pay for his humiliation.

  13. I think asking everyone on a debate subreddit to come to a consensus on something isn't possible. The subjective nature of this subreddit is what allows for discussions to happen. If everyone agreed on the power levels of a given character, then there'd be nothing to discuss.

  14. It's a Shame that asking for Feats doesn't always help, i remember in my old account, when i Asked in a About Dante feats of him being a multiversal guy, and the op just basically said trust me and got angry because i asked, i was like "dude, can you at least prove your point"

  15. The next time that happens, say "I'm calling rule 5". If you get a "trust me" kind of response, just report it. A lot of people will end up trying to give you evidence from the game or movie or whatever to back up their point, though.

  16. A demonic, oni styled story might sound interesting

  17. Bro I would literally lose my shit, running around with that pumping RULES OF NATURE

  18. I would message every single player i came across like:

  19. Yeah, i was, but would be surprised if you said another guy that would be a good match for him

  20. Of you didn't clarified, i would Say Vergil. Dude is pretty strong

  21. Unrelated, but what was the reasoning behind this line-up? Do they all have some sort of common theme, or…?

  22. Basically Vergil and Sephiroth carry this team. Sure Raiden and 2B are no slouches, but even as a high end cyborg and android they are pretty limited compared to Sephiroth and Vergil. With Raiden and 2B best known for speed and the ability to contest beings the size of skyscrapers, albeit needing to whittle them down before they go for the kill.

  23. You know, i pick Raiden and 2b by the similarity of the White hair and the fact they also use a Katana, and also, because i don't know other White haired folks that Are in the same level of Vergil and Sephiroth.

  24. Possible additions - Soul reapers: Toshiro, Jushiro, Gin and you might consider Yamamoto depending how you define his hair. You might even consider Barragan (Espada #2). The hair of the last two is probably due to age though.

  25. But are those guys close to power level of Vergil and Sephiroth?

  26. If they're bloodlusted, Sam, Anakin and Talion all have the speed to blitz SW. IC they wouldn't, so I'd say it depends on if they mess around or not. I haven't played SoM/SoW in a while, but Talion is quite haxy and goes toe to toe with Sauron (I believe?), and Anakin has force hax. Sam has speed and strength at least somewhat close to Raiden, so they do have the potential to kiill SW.

  27. Yeah, Talion is pretry haxy, and just a correction it's Celembrimbor and Talion's Elf "friend" (Don't remember her name) that goes toe to toe with Sauron, but, if Celembrimbor fought Sauron with Talion, he would have won.

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