1. Brazilian here, I have nothing to add to this thread, just just fitting in

  2. American here, something about Donald Trump or whatever even though no one was talking about politics

  3. I swear everyone who owns an expensive watch is a child with how their arms/wrists look. That's the arm of a 12 year old is it not?

  4. They put the camera in panorama. Also it might just be a woman

  5. Not sure the panorama mode removes body hair makes appendages seem phallic in nature. Maybe the Penorama was used, beyond my understanding though.

  6. Panorama gives a fisheye lens effect when the photo is condensed back to a square, making the arm seem all noodly and oddly shaped. The hairless bit and general daintiness beyond that was why I think its a woman

  7. You should try messing with the proportions of the shirt || crewneck since you've got those dope pants cut

  8. An orgy of beastiality. That new tiktok trend for this year I guess

  9. To be fair, the meme doesn’t qualify “positively” or “negatively” when it says change the world. You could stick hitler on the left side and still be accurate

  10. Which is why it's troll to say "God bless them" lol

  11. I have nothing to add but I appreciate the discussion post!

  12. Just do what i do and start making wild bold accusations and baseless claims with profound confidence.

  13. Keyword “brogue shoes” on eBay for second hand or vintage options.

  14. There's no broguing on these, just the wing tip

  15. Warped wing is a good brewery in the area. There's also axe throwing around, bowling, movie theaters, liberty centre, the outlet mall, intertrainment junction, jungle Jim's, full throttle go karts, popping on some naruto and busting a load

  16. Ok never been to Korea unfortunately, must have been something similar lol

  17. Denver CO museum of contemporary art had something like this a few years ago

  18. Says the man tilted enough to screenshot a kid happy about his new toy

  19. Something like 95% of Americans have insurance. Despite the 1 in a million stories on reddit that get 50k upvotes, this post is the norm.

  20. By 1 in a million you mean 1 in 20? Also having insurance doesn't mean it's good insurance. A simple visit could still cost thousands to most people if it's at the hospital and not just a physical or a prescription for penicillin

  21. give these to that one tiktok fashion guy who can style anything

  22. Obviously not a fashion guy, probably just a dude who commutes and wanted something a little more comfortable to walk to work in, or also if he's expecting it to be wet or muddy or w/e.

  23. Where's your blaster? You need a piece or two on you in case a brawl breaks out at the saloon over a chested game of Texas hold em

  24. Just like Toby maguire walking down the street in spiderman 3

  25. Yeah I don't understand why everyone is just taking that at face value lol. A corrupt organization does something huge and expensive and wants votes, and then the same party surprise turns around and says it was insanely successful and everyone here is like yeah bet nothing suspicious.

  26. And what do they do when they witness an act of hate speech? Track their IP? Call SWAT? Haha

  27. 95% of people have worn sneakers in the snow bro get a grip

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