1. Yeah, but posting your feet on the internet, FOR FREE? I wouldn't do that in my opinion

  2. Plenty of people get the joke. I got the joke, myself, but plenty of us were left confused by the poor choice of rests. How does having the joke be spoken word make the joke/conceot better?

  3. You're putting too much effort into this thread. Dude, we get it, you don't like the shirt, that's all. What are you trying to prove? It's not like Reddit can change the shirt, stop complaining and enjoy the fricking joke.

  4. Bro, I've seen this copypasta, it was funny the first time. Stop it

  5. As much as I tried it, it's not for me. Sorry guys for not being able to join the Ballpoint team

  6. HOW DARE YOU JEAN JORDY? That is one of the most offensive and disgusting names I've ever heard. How. Dare. You... How disrespectful.

  7. Same there. For the few minutes of Arms I played I really liked the game but Min Min was unnecessary in smash. She’s annoying to face in general just because of her tremendous range

  8. Plus, the playstile melee/camper she gets is pretty annoying too.

  9. Bro, it says Nintendo everywere, it even has the golden Nintendo thing. It'd be ilegal otherwise

  10. With Marth: "Bro why play Marth?!?!?" gets killed by a tipper F-Smash "oh, that's why."

  11. It do be like that with marth. Two years ago I'd tell you that Lucina was better...

  12. How do you see that like i get the idea but not the picture lol

  13. ngl the biggest flex in the game will be to have a chainmail fullenchant armor customised with netherite

  14. Yes, the only downside I see is that you'd be wearing an iron armor for the rest of your existance.

  15. It looks like a mod, is it really not one or am I stupid

  16. It's not a mod, they're going to release them in 1.20, hopefully. It is official and I am blown away that Mojang did this.

  17. I personally don't like the texture of the Smithing Templates it looks kinda modded

  18. It's like the majority of mobs and new items, powdered snow did also look like a modded item, but now it's completely normal

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