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  1. You'd love the cable management in my Skyreach 4 MINI. So tight the cables hold the PSU in place.

  2. The one on the left should have a guy that isn't in the picture due to his wealth and pointing a gun at the others

  3. Yeah, I started with BTA and loved it, but found it so overwhelming with all the options. Having so little time to game, I felt like I was never making any progress.

  4. Terry Pratchett, Kring (?) Intensifies, and never shuts the fuck up.

  5. Ehh, that's more a "If you know it's a spoiler, if you don't it's just nonsense."

  6. Wildfowling clubs, shooting clubs in general will sometimes bring up like minded individuals.

  7. Thank you I’m looking into this I’ve found a shooting range not too far from me so I think I’ll try to book some lessons!

  8. Have fun, be safe, listen to the guys looking after you and you will have a good time.

  9. I wondered why the nursery was complaining that I was reading the Iron Warriors omnibus to the kids as a night time book.

  10. I knew of this many years ago, it’s what I guess you would call a necessary evil if we want to continue to operate the way we do. Not saying it’s right of course.

  11. i work at petsmart and we have a pretty big grooming salon. there was this old guy a couple months ago who was screaming at our groomers about how the prices were going up. he, verbatim, screamed "inflation doesnt effect grooming!" like dude. youre 80 years old and dont know how inflation works, you dont know how the groomers get paid, you dont know that they dont make the prices, and you dont even know how to be a decent person. just shut the hell up.

  12. It's pointed towards Russ and the 6th but with all the Primarchs being memory wiped it murks things up a bit but Alpharius for example is convinced he killed at least one and we know for a fact the wolves and Custodes had something to do with the 11th. The Lion hasn't had any hints of taking part just DA fans getting in a pissing contest with SW fans.

  13. Aye, usual give it a out 6pm or so. On the sauce earlier than usual

  14. Does getting cancer count as a "Brexit benefit"?

  15. Yeah, survive the landing and you’re still a few inches shorter. Ejection seats are intense, and these are probably the old breed, where you’re literally just strapped to a rocket designed to go faster than the plane and other rockets…

  16. 60-80 years ago . Russia didn't build or maintained anything since collapse of USSR . Their entire industrial military complex was a shadow of it's former self and their output were minimal . Even artillery shells are lacking and are using ones 30 years old that arw duds or blow up in handlers hands .

  17. Also paid millions to the campaign of a GOP governor candidate who got his ass handed to him in the primary by an even more conservative candidate who's being funded by another billionaire, even though that candidate has basically no chance of beating the incumbent. Illinois politics: rarely boring.

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