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Tyre Nichols: Memphis police release body cam video of deadly beating

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Gamestop is up 14.04% on no news and I haven’t seen any media outlet report about it. So I report about it with this headline: GME is up 14.04% on no news, start asking yourself why.

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  1. The GOP ran on fighting inflation (with no policies in which to do so), but is now proposing a national sales tax, raising the retirement age, and gutting Medicare and Social Security.

  2. These yahoos really thought they could propose a bill created by evil corporate CEOs who think bananas only cost $10.

  3. You just blew my mind. I might actually have to stop making fun of fast and furious now…

  4. Y'know a 13 year old terrorist murdered two Israelis in the streets today? Including a first responder according to the article I saw.

  5. Not how any of the settlements work. They are private gated communities. Any new settlement building you hear of is new homes in these communities. Israel hasn’t built a new settlement since the ‘90s, and those were also not made by kicking people out of their homes.

  6. Right? That’s their experience, but who fr would assume that editing your pictures to hell & showing up looking different is acceptable•

  7. it’s not that much different than how some people treat makeup

  8. Notice how the account has been around since August but just started commenting 2 days ago? Every single comment is a reply on a top chain and they never add anything to the conversation. I'll admit they're getting better at disguising themselves but they still have a lot of tells.

  9. I don’t know man, maybe give up on the death cult based on a couple thousand year old creative writing story that got out of hand and join modern society? I’m sure the world would love to aid Afghanistan in that endeavor tomorrow if the Taliban disbands.

  10. When they became the defacto government by force there is no "bypassing" them

  11. Sounds like you’ve really done your research on the subject.

  12. This is exactly the scape goat the police union has been waiting for. They will throw the book at them, then use this as an example for years to come of how cops “receive justice” for their crimes.

  13. No, liabilities not yet funded include social security (all of it, not just gov pensions), VA health care, medicare, etc. This adds up to an estimated $80T - $220T. (

  14. pro tip: when you call them out, include the user name so that everyone can block them even if they delete their comment.

  15. Good idea. how do you report them, if you do? I don't know what to call it, misrepresentation or what.

  16. you can’t, all we can do is block them. Reddit itself doesn’t care.

  17. My sister lets my 3 year old nephew draw with markers on the fridge, it's cute. But by god has she imprinted it into his young mind that he is by no means ever to stray his marker from the happy fridge door of aspiring artistry and onto the white wood panel wall of disappointed sighs.

  18. We do this with bath crayons on the shower wall and dry erase on the bathroom mirror (my teenagers like that one). My 4yr old drew on the bathroom door a second time after we took a magic eraser to her first work and we just left it there, been like a year 👍😅.

  19. Not just that, imagine thinking something as ridiculous as this and then being so proud that you posted it on social media.

  20. If they were all neon green this same person would be complaining about how noticeable they are…

  21. The sheer number of cops that thought they could do this in front of each other and get away with it is very telling. Like this is normal behavior that you take part in with your coworkers. Which shouldn’t be surprising given how US law enforcement has always operated but nonetheless chilling.

  22. It's almost as if the mainstream business media serves the corporate elite and has absolutely no ethics.

  23. They couldn’t shut up about it yesterday and the day before and…

  24. Considering their voters, this shit doesn't matter.

  25. It does matter, because investigators use this information to show things like attempts and actual election fraud.

  26. I get what you’re saying, but there’s more that can be done than vote them out. Send them to jail, for example.

  27. No serious person wants to defund the police. It's just a chant.

  28. No, it’s misunderstood. Some individuals may want it gone completely, but the groups pushing for it wanted to decrease the massive amount of funding they get and move it to social services.

  29. It's not like there are no good places to spend money on the police. How about you require cops to have a 3-year degree to start with? And one with a proper formal education, not the 6 month military bootcamp they undergo currently.

  30. I would gladly pay for that rather than spend money on military grade equipment. The problem is the ones making the laws see the police as a means to protect their wealth and maintain order among the masses.

  31. Anyone notice Evergreen was up 172% today on what looks like 320.0 volume? I don’t know if that is really 320M or not, but it’s the only one in my yahoo finance app that doesn’t have a “K” or an “M” after the number to indicate thousands or millions of shares. I thought Evergreen was going bankrupt? And how did it move so much on 320 volume (again, if that’s accurate). The cracks in the damn are getting bigger.

  32. it’s been having massive swings over the last six months, but all trading at pennies. The fact that it still exists at all is simple fraud. It literally dropped to zero Nov 20th 2020, then jumped right back up like nothing happened on the 27th.

  33. Comment stealing bot? This looks like a snipped portion of Daddio's comment below.

  34. when you find it, put their user name in your comment so that people can block them before they delete it 👍

  35. I'm going to guess this is just another play at raising DRS numbers for the quarter. Just so they can sell them next quarter attempting to show a slowing increase.

  36. You really think they’re going to try the same stupid crap that didn’t work the last time?

  37. Over 10 million in volume right now.. wouldn't surprise me.. we've had drs rug pull.. But have we had 2nd drs rug pull?

  38. “okay, but this time do it while we message apes and tell them we’re super worried about how DRS might actually be a bad thing. You did that already? Crap…”

  39. it’s so confusing. Is he having a stroke? why is he licking the floor? why is his head green?

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