1. Whoa, hey, it'd be best if thos chucklenut never got within 50 feet of a child again.

  2. Yeah. Stick nix the kid-grabbies and stick with the poopypants and guitar playing.

  3. Anyone who buys so wholeheartedly into the King James version to that extent just plain isn't worth talking to. That's fanatical, cult like blindness that pervades some fundamentalist sects.

  4. Plus, it makes no sense and is implicitly xenophobic. The Bible is a translation of books in ancient forms or Hebrew and Greek and "KJV Onlyism" doesn't account for non-English speakers.

  5. This is so historically inaccurate that it’s actually painful

  6. Even people back then would look at that scene and go "WOAH! STOP THAT!".

  7. I just beheaded myself with a facepalm, aaaaa-GAIN.

  8. Bella Ramsey, in her role as Ellie in HBO’s “The Last Of Us.”

  9. So, we have... a scammer, a philandering cop, an environmental activist and ... a fictional TV character based on a fictional video game character.

  10. It’s just four girls that many people have joked and memed about on the internet in 2023

  11. Yup. I guess that's the rub. It's basically, "We joked about these gals this year. Ha ha! Booger!" I dunno.

  12. yeah i feel like theres a bad, unethical way to do ai art and a good way to do ai art. that can basically go for any method of making art, but ai has more ways to fuck people over.

  13. Exactly! It democratizes things and gives the disabled and mediocre artists a chance! A lot of people have ideas they wish they could create but can't.

  14. Thanks for the background on all of this. It was quite informative. Thanks. 😊

  15. In the original comic Musk decides to sell a twitter N word pass for $80 and it's okay because he's technically African.

  16. Thank you for the oregano. I appreciate it.

  17. I assumed he just had the same collection of shirts for years.

  18. I can only imagine how horrid it would be. Like the Rodney King beating cranked up to eleven, because it's up close, personal, and you are seeing it from the nasty cop's perspective (like you're there) and the victim died.

  19. Even less. A sperm cell has only half DNA, and cannot replicate.

  20. So your counter-point is that a millennial made a meme criticizing fellow millennials using an example of a relatively underground counter-culture movie from 1969? And that they then posted it on Facebook?

  21. Yeah. It's like STAR WARS and STAR TREK "fans" who get angry about the franchise "going woke" when the whole point of said franchises was "woke" to begin with.

  22. Or "Run Like Hell" with all those offensive epithets and shooting those people against the wall (which was SATIRE!).

  23. I'd say they are also blaming those people for a lack of support from government and rich too

  24. Yup. It's scapegoating. They worship the 1% too much so they can't fathom that the 1% would screw them over, so they get mis-directed to the black gay trans feminist wiccan or whatever to demonize.

  25. I wonder if there is a group of people on the internet that have their own transformers OC based off their own vehicles irl

  26. Can you imagine my dad's Scion turning into a giant robot...

  27. And she puts this over a bunch of goofy cartoon poo. Nice touch... NOT!

  28. Well, they knew about "Julie from Molvania" and Chris' sex dolls. Those chunkheads also sent a postcard with a screencap of the act, so I guess they'll put two and two together.

  29. Florida Church starts losing members. Bye bye, bigoted jerk church!

  30. The thing with the nuns and what appears to be an obvious convent (the 'mysterious figure' is a statue); You're slipping up Slapped Ham. I think that guy was pulling yours and our legs.

  31. Progressive Christianity has overcome conservative Christianity many times already! However, the progress isn't really in more people becoming progressive...it's in the progressive ideals becoming mainstream. Look at slavery. In the 1850s it was progressive to be anti-slavery. Conservative churches were fine with it. Most conservative churches now hold ideals that would have been progressive then.

  32. Exactly. When you think about it, what was Progressive long ago may appear Conservative, now and Progressives from long ago may appear Conservative to us.

  33. It has and continues to do so. We no longer burn witches or heretics. We no longer issue anathemas (unless you’re Orthodox). Many denominations, even some conservative ones, ordain women. Theologies once considered radical or even heretical are now tolerated or even celebrated (the stuff of Fr. Richard Rohr, John Dominic Crossan, Rob Bell, Brian McLaren, Tillich, etc). The use of contraceptives is condoned by nearly every denomination (except of course the RCC). Racism is almost universally condemned (yeah some denoms still suck in practice but at least they’ve made progress on paper). We’ve come a long way in the last few hundred years. Despite the resurgence of fundamentalist conservatism the recent historical pattern is one of progress. I’m optimistic.

  34. THAT EXPLAINS IT! The American Right worship the Jesus from Bethlehem, PA, not Jesus from

  35. In the second panel, women going after guys with flowers! OH THE HUGE MANATEE!

  36. For those who can block out the hype around the legacy characters and understand that the sequel trilogy is the story of Rey and Ben… well it’s a really well-told story even if it isn’t perfect.


  38. As someone who discovered Star Wars with the sequels, Rey is my favorite character and i hope Daisy will be back, she’s amazing in that role

  39. I love Rey and would love to see Ben again, either ressurrected somehow or revealed to have merged with Rey.

  40. True, but I’ve seen posts get removed from subs for less so I just wanted to be sure. Wanted to make sure everyone got the chance to see… whatever the meme is supposed to be.

  41. That's cool. I don't quite "get" what the meme is saying, but you're cool.

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