1. Period products -strips of cotton flannel can be rolled into tampons and then boiled and air dried for re-use. Deft fingers can remove as is, or roll a string into it for easier removal. UTI- store cranberry juice or powdered d-mannose. Over the counter UTI tablets. Tinctures will store for 10 years at least - goldenseal , Oregon grape root, or barberry. Corn silk and uva-ursi. Reproduction- Herbal abortifacients are tricky because if they fail they can cause severe birth defects. An herbal alternative to the morning after pill would be queen annes lace seed. You will have to do some research on dosage and timing. Neem is used as a spermicide. I strongly suggest reading up on the fertility awareness method of birthcontrol/family planning, which would only require a thermometer and some note taking. This is a highly effective method if followed properly.

  2. I once had a chicken killer dog, very strong hunting instict, i was living and working on a farm and one day she was prowling around the chicken coop in the wet dewy grass when she touched her nose to the electric fence around the coop. She cried out and ran all the way back to my cabin, climbed the ladder to the sleeping loft, nuzzled her way under the blankets. She was deathly afraid of chickens for a good 3 months after that until she slowly became accustomed to them again. Eventually she became friendly with them and i was able to trust her even around newly hatched chicks.

  3. I know dark winter and dark autumn are right next to each other but one is cool and one is warm. This would be my suggestion - Forget about seasons all together for a minute and just try some cool and warm drapes. See if you can find some middle of the road warm colors somewhere between true spring and true autumn, or a sprinkling of both, then find some true summer/true winter. Even if these are not your best colors, unless you are a true neutral, either the cool or the warm should look better. I believe that even true summer colors would seem more harmonious on a dark winter than true autumn colors would. Once you decide once and for all if you lean warm or cool, then start exploring summer/winter or autumn spring. Once you settle on one, then start narrowing down sub season. If you settle on autumn, looking good in some dark winter colors may be a clue you are a dark autumn rather than soft autumn for example but i wouldnt start there

  4. Yes its bad for the soil but we havent heard his side of the story yet, what is the heavy equipment doing and what are the alternatives?

  5. Sow thistle or possibly prickly lettuce, i always forget which is which. Its not dandelion

  6. We are like a beautiful painting. A beautiful painting will always be a beautiful painting, but if you put it in the right frame, it elevates it to the next level, of course nobody is admiring the frame, they are admiring the painting but put it in the wrong frame and it just looks off, it detracts from the paintings potential.

  7. I think a tankini style w a flouncy skirted top would look great on you

  8. Its very bad to come off antidepressants cold turkey

  9. Omg is that fiver on your t shirt? Love.

  10. I don’t think doomsday prep will help 90% of us. I think it’s more of a spiritual preparation I’m in NY on Long Island so without a boat and days heads up I’m Fd anyway

  11. Im not an experiencer myself but your comment reminds me of a dream that i had many years ago which felt very precognitive. Perhaps you know of the “cooties” toys from the 80’s- they were plastic bugs that i played w as a child. In my dream i witnessed one of these cooties (an immensely huge one) sail across the sky. Immediately afterward day suddenly tuned to night, a light snow started “falling” (it was more like gently floating like feathers) and i started floating a few feet off the ground. Ive often wondered what the cootie in the sky represented. Recently i heard an interview w robert schock on the JRE podcast where he spoke about plasma formations in the sky and mentioned how they take many forms, some looking like spiders or bugs and hypothesized that this may be what some of the ancient petroglyphs represent. It piqued my curiosity and I wonder if there could be any connection between solar activity and an earthly pole shift.

  12. Theres a very summer influence in your eye pattern but i think i see warmth there too. Id be curious to see light spring vs light summer colors on you.

  13. First thing I thought : definite summer pattern. Where do you see the warm in the pattern (curious to learn)

  14. Could just be my screen but i think i see some yellowish tones esp in your left iris above pupil. Also your hair seems to have warmth in it, almost a strawberry blknde?

  15. Love it. I work in horticulture. Unfortunately at my current job i do a lot of retail and misc tasks which i despise. At my old job i was a grower and would spend months on end transplanting tiny plugs into flats. I miss it so much

  16. This may not be an option you would be interested in but i thought i would mention that there are manual well pumps that are designed to fit a drilled well with electric pump installed. I remember seeing these in the lehmans catalogue. It wouldnt give you running water in the house in the event of a power failure but youre water would still be accessible for cooking and washing in the old school way.

  17. Thanks, I just want to look more feminine so I can wear girls clothes without looking weird. I would not call my self completely unattractive, but my face is kinda busted ngl because of it is very unsymmetrical and everything is out of proportion

  18. An asymmetrical face is mostly only apparent in photos or in the mirror, in the day to day, nobody will notice or care. A little bit deeper of a side part can help make asymmetry less apparent. I have an extremely asymmetrical face, something my own sister never noticed until she looked at some family pictures we got done- she told me she thinks i had a mini stroke! As far as looking good in girly clothes, that may all depend on your body type. Have you looked into the kibbe system? Some types will look more masculine in more feminine clothes and some types will look like quite the seductress in sharp structure clothes or even tomboyish looks

  19. Your face is not masculine whatsoever, youre very pretty and feminine. Do not mistake a strong jawline w masculinity. It is very fashionable for women to have a strong jaw these days and they are often considered to be among the most beautiful.

  20. I think the dark winter suits you and does not overpower. The summer colors above are not bad. I really like the heather gray in #2. That last pic in the sweatshirt, it looks like a sort of camel color, i think it drains you.

  21. I only feel them when they are not up in there all the way or if im using supers which are sometimes too long. I used a diva cup many years ago and i had to cut the little grab nub down shorter because i could feel that nub pressing on my opening. I guess i have a shorter than average vag? Ive always preferred no applicator tampons because i feel i have more control and i can tell if im getting it in all the way. I also usually blow raspberries during insertion because it helps relax my muscles down there which makes things go smoothly

  22. Absolutely. Not all autistic people are introverted. Nor do all autistic people have social anxiety.

  23. I love watching my 4 yo niece, i love her more than anything on this earth, i would do anything for her, but omg am i glad to be able to give her back to mum at the end of the day! I Have a teen stepdaughter and as much as i love her, im really really looking forward to the day she moves out!

  24. Put your bed where the dresser is, move everything else accordingly and cover your tv w a sheet or something, especially if you’re going to have it facing the bed like that. A tv is akin to a mirror in feng shui

  25. Thats very interesting. Anybody’s guess if the orb and the sleep paralysis are related but ive always felt that sleep paralysis offered some sort of gateway to an unseen realm or at least a different way of interacting w reality. I think it’s fascinating that you have had precognition events related to this and would love to hear more details on how the future events appeared to you. Was it visual? Mental?

  26. See, this confuses me. My natural hair has copper highlights. Some even consider me redheaded. I got typed as a soft summer from ColorGuru. 🤔 Did I just waste almost $200 LOL

  27. Possibly. Most color analysts reject the idea that a redhead can be a cool season but who knows

  28. Red will not be terribly flattering maybe unless its a very cool shade, ie a more purpley red rather than an orangey red

  29. Sounds like she hates her job or just having a bad day at work and was taking it out on you, which is completely reprehensible imo. You did nothing wrong.

  30. Loving that hair color on you! I think you must have a warm undertone since the red hair is so flattering. Dont think you need to change anything here, maybe just look into seasonal color analysis to enhance what you already got. I think soft autumn colors would be a great place to start!

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