What was the most painful moment of your life? [nsfw]

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BHVR, the current owners of the Hellraiser IP, and Doug Bradley, have partnered with a NFT distributor to cash out on Pinhead NFTs with exclusive in-game content. This is unacceptable.

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  1. How does the Charlotte Tilbury bronzer apply for you? I've been thinking of getting it, I need a new bronzer

  2. I think it’s beautiful! I have fair skin with pink undertones and the color is perfect because it’s doesn’t pull too orange or yellow. It’s smooth, blends very easily

  3. That sounds like what I'm looking for, I have the same skin tone. Thanks!

  4. I'm interested in the two Anastasia Beverly Hills palettes!

  5. Different direction, any foundation that uses food words rather than numbers or plain shade descriptors. "Mocha" or "chocolate" or "cocoa" feel weird and fetishy to me, idk

  6. This is fascinating! It reminded me that I also super hate the word "nude" in makeup cause it's always real white-centric and I just find that gross and exclusionary

  7. I've been using the Revolution stick foundation and the Milk stick foundation and I'm in love with both. Something about the stick formula just looks so nice!

  8. Definitely contouring, I have a round baby face and was contouring like the longer-faced beauty gurus were. Also the concealer triangles, lol

  9. I got the same one! Mine's pink though, and I'm also gonna need another one lol

  10. Giving me Too Faced, but I think that's a good thing. The Too Faced small and cute vibe with the super good Pat McGrath formula sounds very fun.

  11. Okay so on Misaki's trained card who's the dark blue bear? Who does that represent?

  12. Scrolled to find this one. I cannot believe they would do a procedure like that without anesthesia.

  13. I had anesthesia for mine and it still hurt like hell, you're telling me it's common to not get given anesthesia? What the hell why

  14. Dude not even the Sun is between us and the Moon. The Moon is 360,000 kilometers away from Earth while the Sun is roughly 150 million kilometers away from us, if a star was between us and the Moon we'd all be dead

  15. Ah fuck took a Reddit comment too literally again

  16. As a Twins player I am convinced the only reason I get kills half the time is cause people aren't used to facing Twins cause there's only like 10 of us. I play Twins cause I'm stubborn and like underdogs but they desperately need a rework.

  17. Ohhhhh my god this is so cool! I did not expect anyone to like my design enough to draw it themselves! Thank you! <3

  18. The N on her forehead! She's embarrassed by it since she isn't allied with Cortex

  19. Gotta say this art is absolutely fantastic. Both PCs feel so real just from their depictions alone

  20. As soon as this interaction happened I made sure to get a screenshot of the first PC so I could draw it later. He was very stylish!

  21. Non-related question: what is the helm of the guy below? I've seen it before, something that looks like a one-eyed head.

  22. As a Cybil main I am offended. There's dozens of us! Dozens!

  23. I guarantee I am the cause of all 15 of those Twins games

  24. This needs the most attention possible, this is gross and terrible. BHVR trying to downplay it by not sharing it on the DBD accounts shows that they know this is gonna go bad for them.

  25. I thought the bird skull looked familiar and I realised that I actually own that exact metal bird skull as a necklace. It's advertised as a "Goth Witch Pagan Wiccan" pendant, so that might tie in with the theory that the new survivor girl is some kind of witch or cultist.

  26. It is! Especially the hands and eyes, and general blockiness

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