1. One of the interesting overlaps I’ve noticed is references to bad dreams. Obviously Conor talks about them across his catalog (Hit the Switch, Nikorette, I Know You, Something Vague, Waste of Paint, etc) and Phoebe has a few songs I’ve always taken to be about Conor where bad dreams are mentioned.

  2. “All the bad dreams you hide” reminds me of “Hit the Switch” too, where Conor sings:

  3. I normally just park at Fed Square and then walk down St Kilda Rd.

  4. Yep, Fed square: plenty of parks, short walk, not encumbered by event traffic

  5. Want to add Pictures of Success for Rilo Kiley songs that are beautifully written. It sounds like they tried to make a Modest Mouse song but make it Jenny Lewis.

  6. “I’ve had it with you, and Mexico can fuckin’ wait” great song.

  7. Such a great lyric to shout! It has so many lines that cut to the core.

  8. For government roles, it is absolutely crucial that you follow the application instructions to the letter, including selection criteria responses. Not all government jobs will ask for this and some are moving away from it (especially for entry level positions). But if a role requires selection criteria responses and you don’t include them, your application will not be considered.

  9. I’m old enough, and Australian enough to remember the original series (less representation, but undoubtedly responsible for awakening the bi in a generation of young Aussie queers). The revival makes my heart sing, especially because it’s popular in other countries too.

  10. Grew up on the original, been so worried to check out the reboot in case it was a disaster lol. I've only heard good things though.

  11. It’s different, but a few old cast cameos, and it’s just a solid stand-alone show

  12. Holy wall of text batman! Imma have to copy paste and separate this a little to digest it

  13. Yea! OP, please double space your paragraphs. People want to read what you have to say but also any to preserve their retinas

  14. Trying to eat your feelings Matthew?

  15. That’s a livestock ear tag. Why is it on a window? That is a mystery to me.

  16. This is cool because I am a big Conor Oberst/Bright Eyes fan who discovered Phoebe via this album

  17. It might be worth seeing if the racecourse train station will be running trains for the event. That way you could stay centrally and get to the show quickly

  18. The Venn diagram for neurodiverse folks, and folks with diverse sexualities has considerable overlap

  19. Hope you got it sorted. It’s a website design issue: so hard to know if your “click” has registered

  20. The website is absolutely terrible, I've found it's working much better in the last 5 minutes so keep trying! I think there's less people trying to use it now but things still take like 30 seconds to load

  21. Alright just to free up my mental real estate since I have a reply brewing:

  22. Some mental gymnastics required to reach a lot of your conclusions there. I called a trans woman a bi guy? I don’t think you could reasonably round my last post up to having said that, and frankly it’s offensive.

  23. I think it’s mischievous/bad faith to take such a literal interpretation. I’m sure you’re not that incapable of understanding nuance.

  24. I love Upside Down Mountain. Desert Island Questionnaire is one of his all time best songs IMO

  25. My personal spin on it is that it’s an African American friend and that’s what she calls him?

  26. That’s a cool take. I imagine it to be the woman from Classic Cars on Cassadaga.

  27. Winona Ryder? I can’t really see her saying sugar, buuut who knows!

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