1. Look on the bright side, at least we're probably only the 3rd or 4th worst team in baseball.

  2. We'll probably win one against Boston, but we'll be hard-pressed to win any of our first 5 games vs TB and HOU. I'm guessing we go into the home opener 0-5.

  3. My home was built in 1969 and still has wood paneling in the basement.

  4. The worst part is that even the Lions have been in more recently than us.

  5. "Under god" was added to the US constitution in the 70s, you can't argue with it and claim that "the founding fathers were religious."

  6. Did you actually even read my comment? I was talking about the phrase "in god we trust" being on money (since 1864) and being the official motto (since 1956.)

  7. I'm not arguing with you. Both were added well after the country was founded, and yet some people refuse to accept that the founding fathers themselves didn't descend from the heavens with their wisdom.

  8. Then why respond to my comment implying I was making that argument? It would've made more sense as a standalone comment.

  9. I am utterly unsurprised and actually was kinda shady thinking this was probably the case.

  10. PH for Vierling, fine. But why not Maton? Why the guy who can't hit?

  11. That's a great lineup for facing a tough lefty. Vs righties I think we'll see Greene leading off.

  12. What's even the point of going into the 40xx series if you're not going for the top dogs then LMAO.

  13. That is exactly Nvidia's goal with this. If the low-end is non-existent or completely unappealing, more will go for the mid and high end cards. It's why the RX580 stayed king of the under $200 segment for so long.

  14. Are they still generating codes for this or did you just have one from earlier this month? I'm trying to do the deal because I just found out about it but can't figure out how to get the code. Thanks!

  15. I think I see what Harris is doing here. The guy cost nothing (24-yo A reliever) and has better defense and speed than anyone else who was in camp for the position. He's a defensive/running bench piece who can play any IF spot well. I'm fine with it.

  16. Because so many people are working pay check to pay check that they can't risk losing their job.

  17. In America, even with one your chances aren't always great. You could have a union and still not be able to afford to strike, so then the company has you over a barrel in negotiations because they know this.

  18. There's something about that 1964-1993 one that just does it for me. I always love when we incorporate orange into our stuff.

  19. Starting to think we need to trade Austin meadows so we can make room for all these young LH OFers.

  20. To who and for what? He's got zero trade value after last year. Plus he's young with a track record when healthy, and we have him for another 3 seasons. No reason to trade him.

  21. Then we trade one of them instead as they are unproven but have more trade value. Or we keep the extras stashed in Toledo to keep developing and to provide depth.

  22. I can and love driving, sometimes I like to take nice drives just as a calming thing. I want to get a fun car this summer too because I can finally afford one.

  23. One of my favourite things to do when I’m sad is go for a night drive with my saddest music playing. There is something so comforting about a good night drive. Especially a summertime night drive. I live in the prairies so as soon as I get out of the city the sky is so big and the stars are amazing.

  24. Oh yeah. I love a nighttime country drive with my Tool playlist going lol

  25. I can't decide which is worse between big pharma and property investors.

  26. Eh. Both are enemies of the people. At this point, which is worse is more granular than I want to think about it. I just despise them all.

  27. Most Americans do not aspire to stop the exploitation.

  28. It's not necessarily that, but yeah it can affect it. I've always had cold feet and only recently (in the last few years) developed type 2 diabetes.

  29. I should probably try some at some point now, esp as I am diabetic and often have cold feet lol. Wins all around as long as they're good from a sensory standpoint.

  30. As somebody who uses bWAR over fWAR, #9 on the Detroit Tigers quiz threw me for a loop for a good minute. Eventually the years gave it away but, looking it up after, there is a solid 17 WAR difference.

  31. I got 9/10 as well, I had no idea who one of the dead ball era guys was, and it wasn't #9.

  32. Super small sample size, but so far Schoop is hitting even worse than his final numbers last year. I have a feeling he might get cut by the end of May if he doesn't hit at least a little.

  33. Boomers are blamed for destroying the economy because of the time they were born into. You’re right, they were born between 1945 and 1965, a lot of people had babies at that time - like a lot a lot - so we called it the baby boomer, thus boomers.

  34. Also they pretty much all have some level of lead poisoning from leaded gasoline.

  35. The only things worth bringing back from 70s/80s office culture are mechanical keyboards, and those are more fun at home too.

  36. 72-75 wins and the breakout of at least 2-3 of our young hitters plus the continued development of some of our young pitchers.

  37. Definitely looks like an older GE BWR control room. Which plant, and what year was this taken?

  38. Taken two days ago, its the Zwentendorf plant in austria, built in the 70s and never taken into use

  39. I was right about it being a BWR, and I think all BWR designs came from the original GE one, though this plant was built by KWU.

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