1. I fished a ton for money (level up your fishing companion asap!). I hate to admit that pumpkin farming really is your golden goose, but I was also stuck at ~5k a day before I unlocked pumpkins.

  2. It probably should have been obvious since I’m on switch but I figured this out by accident tonight and it totally blew my mind.

  3. I’ve always felt like there’s a connective line between the lyrics in Clementine, Graveyard and Woman/God, with the first 2 being interchangeable but firmly landing on the Woman/God line:

  4. The bag doesn’t need to be clear, the bladder needs to be empty. The email says 2 pockets IN ADDITION to the one holding the bladder - I’m reading it as 3 total.

  5. The current rules say one pocket in addition to the one holding the bladder btw.

  6. Does the switch even sync itself to your current time zone or is that set when you first set up the console? I don't think it has any type of tracking software to know that you have changed time zones. So I would say just leave it set to your current time.

  7. Time syncs via internet, so I assumed that when I’m suddenly 3 hours ahead from the last time I played, it would freak the game out

  8. Yes, but only when you travel back to 3 hours into the past.. and then you would only need to wait for 3 hours to actually catch up.

  9. Tickets are going out in waves, if you don’t receive the ticket within another day or so i would contact customer service and just verify that it shows the same on their end

  10. I feel like a fool. Just got an email from FGT letting me know the delivery method was an error and I’ll be receiving my digital pass shortly. Thanks for the advice nonetheless!

  11. The households I play are perpetually single parent families. Love playing 1 adult sim raising a small gang of kids. Add a second adult, a spouse? I immediately get overwhelmed lol.

  12. Suddenly explains why I had an instant need to make my sim pursue a romantic relationship with Morgyn

  13. I read somewhere (and then tried it out myself!) that you fulfill a want and then click on another sim, and then you’ll see ‘discuss fears’.

  14. I have 1 GA Sunday ticket for sell, $340 (thanks, waitlist prices). I’m a Vegas local.

  15. Let's just have a party for Halsey fans who took out the trash before the show. 😂

  16. I saw your post and I was like, wait, y’all are both in G2 with an extra seat AND broke up with your bf?! That’s so wild.

  17. I saw their post after mine and was immediately like 👀👀 the universe must be at work

  18. I’m on team “absolutely hates il Makiage mascara” (I’ve bought drugstore mascara that’s performed leaps and bounds better), but I’ve been OBSESSED with the fenty mascara!

  19. No credit check, just use valid card information! Especially if you plan to do layaway instead of flat out purchasing. I’ve used FG for every festival in the last year.

  20. Perfect! I wanted do the whole thing, (i would rather do + or vip.) but i don't want to lol so I'm gonna do the lawaway which works for me

  21. Doesn’t seem like there’s a HUGE difference between the tiers so GA is probably good as any for these price points imo ¯_(ツ)_/¯ and that’s from someone who swore off festivals unless I splurged for VIP.

  22. On the WWWY Instagram page, it does say that all tickets may be sold during the pre-sale event

  23. I’m in the US and my GBP is still sitting at their facility. Twice now IPSY has blamed USPS for the ‘delay after hand off to my local post office”, as if it’s USPS fault my bag is still sitting in an IPSY warehouse. Ipsy customer service sucks ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  24. I'm in the US , mine has said "shipped" since Jan 7 but USPS still awaiting item today. I'm concerned it hasn't moved. Last time this happened it got delivered and didn't even move in the tracking and when i got it it half the stuff was missing. Wonder when it will arrive.

  25. Forgot to say mine has also been ‘shipped’ since the 7th! Has it made it to DHL or just a label created? I am so sorry to hear that and I’m hoping for the best. For what it’s worth, ipsy told me I’d have it delivered on the 31st this month.

  26. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately as ipsy could be on the verge of a 2nd GBX flop. I would love to see a transition in to “themed” boxes instead of curators. Something seasonal - products to create a ‘summer nights’ look. A box about creating throwback looks like a 2000’s revival lol. Could you image a Disney themed box? 😭😂

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