1. 4 on PC, 1 AR and 2 pistol on the belt, 3 filled mags in the pack with a bag of loose 556 to refill.

  2. Why would you carry loose 5.56? AR mags weigh practically nothing and are the cheapest part of the rifle/kit.

  3. Well it's in a tab gear bag. I have 150 round in about the space 1 mag takes up. It just sits at the bottom of my bag out of the way.

  4. It's more they forget everything from 7:20 to whenever they snap out of it, not really the entire day. Again it's not something I'm heavily invested in

  5. Or not even forgetting but just not being able to remember where a few hours went. Kinda like blacking out drunk just means your brain wasn't able to form memories, not that you forgot them

  6. That's what I do. Idk why people think they need to use 3 different types of mud... A good finisher should be doing tape, bed, skim. Maybe an extra bed coat on bad joints. And I do 3 coats on corner bead like open doorways or columns/beams where there's 2 pieces of bead less than 8 inches apart.

  7. Yeah true I forgot about beads. I only do 2 coats on 45° no coats. I'll touch them up if I have to but normally don't need to. Anymore than 3 coats on the walls and I'm wasting time, money and making the sanders job worse than it already is.

  8. I actually used the banjo for awhile , I seriously hurt my arm using them doing left to rights . I hurt the muscles deep near my bone and couldn’t work for like 6 months, could not even squeeze my trowel .

  9. Lol yeah it builds some muscles I didn't know I had. My fingers were killing for the first week of using it just from holding the tape. Now I don't feel it at all

  10. Something like this and an LVAD, my question would be would you complete 2 patient report forms or just one?

  11. Because why not. It's another type of vision to see. The ones that attach to nightvision and overlay look pretty cool and I've been kinda thinking about it

  12. Marker, lighter, flashlight/headlamp, cord, notepad, anything to do with water, some kind of knife. Doesn't really need to be a crazy one. My folding pocket knife is used most I think.

  13. When I worked on Canada's parliament building I found a few of the secret tunnels they use as escape routes incase of a serious emergency. I've seen conflicting numbers on how many there actually are, I saw 3 for a fact. There could be some more I didn't see. Place is a maze. Never went down them because I valued my job

  14. Yeah, just a regular old 556 pistol 🤣 whoever made that law is either a genius or a idiot. But I'll take it

  15. For $15,000, i will fly out to wherever you're located, tape it and repair that mess of a board job for you.

  16. Boy oh boy. I'm a taper so dealing with this type of job is pretty common. I charge extra for putting in screws everywhere. The price is another story. A simple Google on the price of drywall would've told you all you need to know.

  17. The max range I have in a 15 hour radius (aside from military ranges) is 300 yards so I'm willing to drive an hour atleast to be able to reach 1000. Price is a hard one. $200 a month would be alot but if it has some moving targets, steel targets and anything else cool I'd do it.

  18. Why not harness the fertilizing power of nitrogen and potassium with the chemical energy of diesel fuel? It’s got what plants crave.

  19. It's true. I hated science and math as a kid because I could never see the real world use of it. Now that I do long range shooting I see the importance of math, and because I'm diving into medical stuff (and reading about other cool chemistry "projects") I have a greater interest in the things I was learning in highschool.

  20. Thats an oxide layer, you used the wrong cleaner, or mixed cleaners, and turned your solution into a playschool chemistry set.

  21. Little bit of bleach mixed with litterally any other household cleaning solution 🤣

  22. 3?? That looks like 6 or even 8 to me brother

  23. I’m gonna attach the IFAK to the back with a TQ under it, then one on the front right of the belt. I wanted the dump pouch under the mag holders but I’m to smooth brained

  24. Kinetic consulting has one but I got something from raptor tactical that let's me mount the one I have under my mags. It's so nice having it where my hand naturally goes. I highly recommend.

  25. As someone who’s navigated the Stewart training grounds under nods in the winter in thigh high swamp, just embrace the suck. You’ll survive.

  26. Just to clarify you aren’t thinking of waiters when I say gaiter right? I mean something like these

  27. I read gaiters and my mind told me waiters... I'll probably do gaiters and some wet weather boots.

  28. The pouches are LBX-0066(radio), LBX-0070(admin pouch) and LBX-4021D(Speed Draw M4)

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