1. She hasn’t had a post since March and removed everything from her bio so wasn’t sure

  2. That’s so weird to me that she has 1.5 mil and fitness influencing was her career to just disappear like that?

  3. Absolutely no one who is going to the Olympia and is an IFBB pro at that level is natural.

  4. I’m a wellness competitor and I had a 28 inch waist and 39.5 glutes one day out from my last show (I’m 5’8) and there is no way in hell that girls glutes are 41 inches. What a bizarre pointless lie

  5. I jumped on the Black Ice Bikinis £75 off offer for next seasons suit, definitely a big help since competing is so expensive 😅

  6. 37 year old here and just did my first season in wellness! I think masters competitors do well in the wellness division because of muscle maturity and density built up over time

  7. The way the addition of this division has been handled has irked me. When I decided to compete, Wellness (based on the description per the NPC/IFBB) was perfect for my build. But many of the women winning are enormous, like almost Physique size. The way the division was described doesn’t seem to match what’s being awarded at all.

  8. I 100% agree with this, some of the girls I have competed with this year (amateur) have literally been physique or female BB with very obvious signs of hardcore steroid use outside of the usual Var. Judges just seem to either be rewarding the biggest or the leanest which means girls that could pass for physique on the high end and bikini on the lean end are placing well.

  9. The cycle is too short and the calories seem very low for a building phase unless you are like 4 feet tall?

  10. Does he only have one eyebrow? And why are his eyes so glassy and corpse like?

  11. First place in Novice, so thank you for the encouragement to work my ass off even harder!

  12. Seen the sage shots, the US seems to like their wellness girls on the fluffy side. Well done though!

  13. Lower the weight and push your hips into the pad, your hips should be loving minimally

  14. The Stand. The narrator has the most velvety voice and it’s such an amazing book that combined it’s a wonderful listening experience

  15. You will be so embarrassed by your behaviour when you are older. You are Mexican. You should be proud of that.

  16. You’re about to go down a rabbit hole LOL click on her name in the green bubble on this post!! Basically we all think her glutes are fake and when people asked /called her out she freaked out and got an MRI to “prove” they were real. Also she competed and placed so poorly and her coach made a huge post about how the judges didn’t even ask if her glutes were real (assumed the judges thought they were fake). Saying she blew the rest of the competitors out of the water, when in reality, she was obviously not stage ready/just didn’t have the look!!

  17. Omg I need to see the stage shots. I assume she competed in wellness and as a wellness girl myself the judges would 100% be able to clock that they are implants. They hang so low and don’t replicate the way real big glutes sit which is far higher.

  18. Thanks! I don’t understand how her legs are super lean but her upper body isn’t at all? Why does her face look so bloated? I’ve literally never seen someone onstage look like that! And the posing?? But yeah that bum implants 100% she’d have to remove them to have a chance at a decent placing

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