1. Hit branded. Shits far too consistent in every deck its splashed in

  2. Huh? Branded has pretty much only been played exclusively with despia. Predaplants also runs it but that’s the only other archetype that runs branded unironically. All of the other random branded hybrid decks are inconsistent and just don’t work because they don’t have synergy together.

  3. Colossus Cannot exist while that Nemeses Thunder monster is at three because it'll enable any deck to summon him

  4. What deck is going to run an unsearchable thunder monster just to play colossus?

  5. For reference, this is the color I asked for.

  6. all things considered. I still think the pink hair looks pretty good. but I am being very optimistic.

  7. Jinbe was manipulating water as far back as Imepl Down. So while his fishman karate was still ambigous, when he was in the water he was able to shoot it like a cannon

  8. yea for sure, I totally get that now. but for some reason Jimbe's display of the fish-man karate style never registered to me as the ability to manipulate water only as a fighting style that was extremely proficient at fighting in the water. even after I reread the explaining for fish-man karate, i either thought it was explained poorly or i just didn't see it as important information to keep while reading.

  9. i want to say it's a coincidence. but I kid you not when I say we capped locals 2 weeks in a row with a max of 19 players. and even with kashtira running around. we have had a lot more fresh faces sense tear format and everyone has been having a lot of fun.

  10. What do you want out of the game? If the fights were easier, and you won, would you be happy simply because you won?

  11. I mean I just wanted advice on how to beat the arch tamers

  12. I would recommend buying 3x traptrix structure decks first just to even see if you like playing the TCG. the traptrix structure is by far the best structure deck the TCG has had in a while and it has a bunch of really good staples that can be used in any deck like the kaiju's, evenly matched, and Ash blossom. the deck is very good and I cannot recommend it enough. the deck also doesn't need a a lot of cards to upgrade the deck. i managed to upgrade mine with zeus, redoer, bagooska, nibiru, and propsy and I managed to top my locals last week. (prospy is optional of course).

  13. Branded predaplant is by far the defacto best variant of the deck for 2 reasons. 1 is that the predaplant engine provides a tone of advantage that the normal branded despia deck could never produce by themselves at the time. being able to provide extra materials so you can easily make mirrorjade, Drago, with searchable backrow is a very strong end board even in today's format. nowadays though, branded can do a lot more in the modern format making pure branded the superior choice. though I am biased for predaplants and I will always find a way to include it.

  14. Always expect the unexpected. improv is your best friend, so it is important that when you were doing your First Session you are prepared for everything and anything that comes at you. Thankfully we live in an age where the Internet exists and there are a plethora of tools that can help you. I personally use ChatGPT to help me come up with names, encounters, magic items, backstory’s, etc. Whenever I need something in a pinch.

  15. im not convinced that those are attributes. because if you look on the third package, the colors don't match. i have a feeling that these are symbols that may have to do with new mechanics associated with the rebooted game.

  16. I’ll say what I haven’t seen yet. Madolche! MBT did a ten minute testing with the deck and it seems pretty solid. Might be worth looking into.

  17. I’ve also asked that same question. I get that some people are afraid to tell these story’s. But something about this story doesn’t feel right. The timing of these allegation comes out of nowhere. The behavior we are told about kwite from the story does not match up with what we know about kwite a person. And the evidence that is used to support the story just doesn’t prove anything that has been said so far. Aside form the idea that these two people may have dated.

  18. Alternatively, just add bullet points to the card effects. Part of the reason I think people don’t read cards is simply because it’s a hassle trying to find the card effect because of the small card text. This problem could be eliminated if they simple added bullet points to separate the effects making the cards 100% easier to pick out the effects they are looking for.

  19. I don’t see how this proves anything. The so called “evidence” does not actually prove the allegations to be true. These aren’t screen shots of discord messages or anything that actually proves that kwite said these things. This is literally a paragraph of text written by the twitter poster that does not confirm anything that has happened. It is another person telling a story with 0 evidence to back it up. As of right now, this is very much a he said/she said moment where no one has actually provided any evidence that kwite has actually committed the crimes that he is being accused of. I will reserve my judgement until there is an official statement by kwite or there is more evidence that proves these claims.

  20. My first reaction when I heard about this was “I don’t believe what I’m seeing”. And after reading everything and going down the rabbit hole as far as I could go. My statement still remains true.

  21. AH good to see a fellow coper! if you really want to spice up your springans deck. might I suggest a very compact Utopia Engine?

  22. I am also a player who goes to a locals with no Judge. so far I've been having a good time playing there so I will leave you with some wisdom on how to handle these things.

  23. Really my only complaint about kashtira is that it is so high rarity. I was genuinely interested in this archetype especially because of the hype it got but it turns out all of the good cards are ultra and above. Which means that I have to spend my entire paycheck on this deck. Which doesn’t seem worth it to me. Especially for a deck that is now seen as pretty mid by a lot of people.

  24. You use gigantic spright as one of the materials to make elf. You then use elf to special jet/blue and make djinn buster

  25. I see, so you'd need a prank-kid in the hand in order to make battle butler, right?

  26. Technically yes. There are ways to get to butler without the need of an extra prank-kid in your hand. But for the most part you will always have a prank in hand anyway

  27. Also not even used in VGC at all. Such a shame.

  28. But…legendary’s aren’t legal in VGC…so how can it find a use?

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