1. Change my mind, kyle rittenhouse is to liberals as greta thurnberg is to conservatives.

  2. That's about the worst angle to print at. Rails down or up, not at a 45 deg.

  3. I didn’t know that about Mexicos age of consent. That fucked up man. I guess that partially explains why so many families flee to the USA. That shit pisses me off. I have 4 kids, all Daughters, I’d move the earth if someone did something to them. Guess we won’t go to Mexico for vacation not that I planned on it anyways.

  4. They do that to cheat they system. They don’t have to report on the rape of children if they just label them “consenting adults”.

  5. There’s no age of consent in Yemen. They can force a girl into “marriage” at any age. A true shithole country.

  6. Everything came out perfect except for the stippling, despite following the readme. I honestly don’t mind it but I’d like to know what I did wrong for future prints. Should I have used support blockers?

  7. A bundle of sticks could have been a lot more problematic.

  8. Biden has the easiest tells. When he says “it’s not joke” or “I’m serious” he’s just flat out lying.

  9. If he turned around and saw her firearm, on a scale from justified to justified, how justified would shooting her have been?

  10. This was posted like a year ago. She never got arrested. I’m disappointed.

  11. Only reason it’s not a good shot is because she missed.

  12. Is this supposed to be some sort of progressive milestone? I’m confused. These have always been in men’s public bathrooms. I don’t think OP gets out much.

  13. Is it normal for an acting president to threaten the genocide of his own citizens with jets and bombs?

  14. Oh lmao. You're the cringe "ghost" that got dropped on his head

  15. I’m just saying it’s clearly the print settings not the orientation. Even a shitty Ender3 will print rails up easily. Spaghetti failure has nothing to do with orientation. Could be a few things honestly but likely it’s just the support interface settings.

  16. Bambu uses a Cura clone right? You’re saying the support interface percentage is at 0? It defaults to 33% in Cura I think. Zero support interface could definitely cause it to spaghetti like that. I see my first comment came off rude. I did not intent that.

  17. Got some old ass Esun PLA+ printing like butter right now, idk how the hell anyone has problems with it.

  18. Just wait till I drop my bump finger remix that lets you bump fire basically anything without a stock 🥴

  19. Half of you are degenerates. I'm going to paste something here that was my response to someone else about this shooting earlier, but it applies to many here. for all of you to think about who are saying he should be tried or that this was in any way criminal or immoral:

  20. Why the fuck isn’t this the top comment but Reddit pushes all the degenerate comments calling to prosecute a hero for killing a murderer to the top of the comment section? Why do I have to scroll so far to see top voted comments/people who aren’t defending a murderer that got what he deserved?

  21. Kinda disappointed in Middleton for being a part of this hit piece..

  22. Disappointed how? His display of competency and composure is a direct illustration of exactly why the media hype is garbage. He's literally showing you can be a gun enthusiast who 3D prints guns while not using them for criminal applications.

  23. Because the entire video is meant to paint the entire community as criminals despite his composure it’s horribly clear what they intended to do with his interview. I promise you when I tell you the the Canadian government would love to see innocent men like him in jail.

  24. Yes it does get warm but not hot enough to deform the plastic especially since it is distributed between the gaps that aren’t that big there’s no large pool area for the exothermic reaction to build up that much heat. I’m not sure what type of resin you use but when it’s done curing for 24 hours it’s hard as a rock and I’d rather trust that than 100% infill that can still break at the layer lines. A 32oz kit from Amazon costs maybe 15-20 bucks and you can probably fill a few frames if you want. I’ve already successfully done this method on a full Mac lower frame of my own design and it works flawlessly.

  25. No this is still an awful idea that has been PROVEN to add NO extra strength. Stop giving bad advice. Resins are far more brittle than PLA+ and will shatter under extreme stress.

  26. Change the end of the url from true to false 👍 it’s a glitch.

  27. More like r/ madeadictatorsmile or r/ madeanentirecountrystarve

  28. Emotionally devastating? The POS was already a murderer. Maybe if it was a young kid but this adult had more than enough chances.

  29. I'm not saying I wouldn't have shot him. He honestly deserved it.

  30. Yeah I get your point. Just figured it would be cancelled out by the fact the perp was a murderer and an all around POS human.

  31. I think you should print in the correct orientation instead. Idk how many times I have to say this.

  32. Rails up is a much better starting point. Rails down gang has issues with warping and getting their parts to fit correctly. But rails down is structurally sound like rails up if printed perfectly, it works great.

  33. I made a buffalo chicken sandwich for lunch today. Pepper jack cheese. Toasted bread. It was very good, paired well with those new ritz cheese crackers.

  34. The things 99% of fosscad would do for a bite of that sandwich scares me to the core.

  35. What’s the changes between the ART 3.0 and Hoffman’s normal frt?

  36. Hoffman’s original only fits in his lowers. This one is universal for nearly all AR lowers, Ubar, Hoffman, milspec, etc.

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