1. It's a message, the time has come for you to join our inescapable fandom and watch the show

  2. It wasn’t that hard. If you’re looking for a real parkour challenge, play Celeste.

  3. I've only been playing Hollow Knight for a couple weeks, and I beat Farewell in September. I probably spent less than 2 hours total on PoP.

  4. So you think things like shockwaves would delete with it or just projectiles and dashes

  5. It can't even stop a moving enemy, but it will hit it and disable for a couple seconds. It can absorb projectiles without breaking. It spins faster when focusing. For me, it really helped with the floorless section in TotF

  6. I love how this community has such an even distribution of fan art. A lot of fandoms will have 5-10 characters that get a lot of art, and the rest barely get any. But here, everyone gets a piece of the pie.

  7. It's in assist mode. Of course, it only works when using a controller

  8. I still don't really like it. idk why, ig the music just feels too major?

  9. You can actually really hear Celeste in some of the songs. Take for example, Rubedo

  10. the Nether songs are an exception, the overworld songs are the ones that I dislike

  11. Somehow I manage to miss every other one of these so when I do see one the mural has a nice full set with none missing

  12. Alright. "The woman i like doesn't like me back so I'm going to murder her children"

  13. I feel I've seen or read something this applies to but I can't put my finger on it

  14. Lyrical or lyricless? Cause the list is much longer if you pick the latter.

  15. I'll recommend artists/bands instead of songs. OK GO and Bill Wurtz. The Arcane soundtrack is also incredible and diverse

  16. Maybe in small towns like Banff, AB. But in bigger cities cars are an absolute necessity

  17. Ngl this song goes hard but I think it plays a bit too often in game

  18. So what does this mean for the boiling isles?? Is the hk collector there now???

  19. So you have to design it yourself so that it doesn't add one every time. Like this:

  20. Forgot about this but Bedrock only has dummy scores. It can't track specific events.

  21. There are multiple fictional characters named V, you're gonna have to be much more specific

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