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  1. Wow what a cool plant? I’m in the market for an indoor plant, what’s this one called?

  2. That was my first place I ever went to in Europe. Wonderful food, Porto, desserts and sites😎

  3. Not reading (and properly interpreting) the many signs when parking on the street😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫

  4. Ok…. Last time I heard about an emulator was PJ64 wayyy back in the day, is this something similar?

  5. Project64 was a Nintendo 64 emulator, Ryujinx is Switch emulator. In that respect they are definitely similar.

  6. The knights of Columbus were real head breakers, true guineas of the north. They took over their piece of the city

  7. Really depends where you are in life. If you’re willing to share an apartment or rent a room in a house, you’re doing pretty well

  8. Super cool! I had a purple mashed potato dish in Germany, from a girl from Hamburg. Quite interesting

  9. My friend used to stuff other things into larger boxes and buy those. Like a large tv box could fit consoles or other tvs if you remove the styrofoam and packing

  10. This the shit that used to fly in the early 2000’s 😂

  11. “Time to put this pussy on your sideburns” bro took Nicki Minaj too seriously

  12. Alexandria native here. The most polite and not rude thing to do, which could be convenient for them and not an inconvenience to you, is to tell them where you’re going, and if they’re along the way, fine. If not, sorry, I gotta go. The vehicle owner may feel guilty but at the end of the month, who is paying the car note? The insurance? The fuel? Maintenance & repairs? Who is spending TIME behind the wheel? If you continuously offer rides you will become the group chauffeur.

  13. This is completely wrong. Friends don’t let friends wet trim. If you want hay buds, feel free to wet trim. Source ( I cure 15lbs a week)

  14. Whoops! I was half asleep, you’re completely right, I meant don’t trim right after chopping, aka wet trim.

  15. Dude I’ve been waiting for a bundle like this! I was a little confused tho, if you get the 1 seed bundle are you getting 1 seed of ALL of the strains they mentioned in the description? Freebies too?🥺

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