People don’t really like the Kardashians.

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When laughter meets percussion

  1. I am an Astros fan, and a browns fan. I’ve been to the bottom, and I’ve been to the top

  2. I can always tell who doesn’t have Mexican/Hispanic relatives by how much they hate nancy’s incredibly loving family LOL

  3. I played the Dwarf origins years ago originally on my PS3 and I really didn't like them. The origins themselves aren't bad, but when compared with the Elven and Human origins, they just don't stack up.

  4. Bruh the dwarf origins are the best ones easy imo 😭

  5. I think you are dooming the galaxy for a bunch of tin brains

  6. Synthesis is taking away everything that makes organics great and unique to make them an insect hive mind. Why is edi unable to understand why humans would save other humans in the death camps? Because she’s not an organic, she can only make decisions based on logic. The end of creativity and the beauty of non logical organic life.

  7. Hopefully if the zone is going to be shit all night, it’ll be shit for both teams.

  8. You know this isn’t true lmaoo

  9. This ump said if the catcher catches it, it’s in the strike zone

  10. Omg it actually happened 😂 Thank god the Charles dick riding is over at least for a week or two

  11. JJ created a dumpster fire. Rian made best film in that trilogy by far. You all need help.

  12. Lmao man I’ve seen that movie three times trying to will myself to like it like I eventually was able to with the prequels (which I now enjoy) and the other sequels but the Last Jedi might be one of my least favorite movies I’ve ever seen

  13. That is actually the only reason why I had to check/re-check and triple check to see if control really was the best ending. I agree to not waste resources that you can control but this is unpredictable AI that can change at a whim. I’d rather destroy but I can’t bear killing EDI or the Geth after being friends with both

  14. War requires touch decisions and the geth/unshackled AI’s cannot be trusted.

  15. Another day of front page news saying “the Meta verse is failing”!!

  16. Lmao at adult middle age men being Kim Kardashians target fan base

  17. Bruh creating this on console is mad impressive Good stuff

  18. I have played 2k on exactly one occasion, started a career mode, literally didn’t make a single shot out of 30 😂 and promptly decided this game wasn’t for me

  19. The message probably wasn't for him. It was to keep everyone else in line. People are cruel beyond imagination.

  20. There are more people happy and healthy today than ever before and things have progressively swung that way for millennia

  21. Bills going to fuck these dudes up, book it!

  22. I am so disgusted hearing that knowing the movie it’s from. Do people realize that it’s talking about a father who abuses his mentally ill daughter?

  23. Yes that’s the joke Because instead of it being a dad banging his daughter, it’s a cheerleader and her crusty boyfriend

  24. Kevin Stefanski is unironically the best thing to happen to Cleveland Football since the mid 1970’s (actually it’s Chubb and Garrett but they needed stefanski to bring it all together)

  25. Watched this match live and I’ll never forget it :) beautiful match

  26. 2007…I was 12 and an unashamed Cena mark and still knew I was watching something special

  27. Thought slapping a new name on the mess of your franchise would shield you from the ongoing lawsuits and criminal offenses your team and ownership is alleged of? Keep up the selective outrage

  28. Slapping a new name on a team and getting brighter horizons only works for one professional sports team a year and the Guardians already cornered that market sorry not sorry!

  29. Number one thing that I learned tonight from this game? Nick Chubb NEVER misses leg day. Motherfucker is hard to bring down.

  30. Nick Chubb has been the best rb in the league for at least the last three years, but browns fans must keep it to themselves to make his power last longer

  31. My buddy and I facing each other in fantasy, I have Johnson and he had najee. They were basically tied and I got a reception and he got a fumble LOL

  32. He’s been excellent honestly, I felt so bad for him last Sunday and he’s really won me over with his play

  33. Not a lot of things to do in those castles bruh!

  34. The only hypothetical where you turn to Allen is if the Texans are somehow still in the hunt for the playoffs. If not you keep trotting out Mills.

  35. https://giphy.com/gifs/ejDxbDaxZZkeQmr0yu

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