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  1. Ngl I thought Saw Paing was gonna go Justice mode there for a second

  2. Th Flash mostly because Christian Bale, Grant Gustin, Ben Affleck, Michael Keaton and a supergirl Variant are in the movie

  3. I never saw the dinosaur in any of the live action batcaves, how did bruce even get a hold of it

  4. I can see an "Elseworlds" series in the future similar to Marvel's "What If"

  5. Should probably have named the post to which on do you dislike more instead of this one, OP is also a dickhead for nt putting a results option.

  6. Shazam has gotta go...it was pretty mid imo, BvS and Aquaman were my liking when it comes to superhero movies...i like it serious, TSS was comedic but had the perfect blend of seriousness and humour in it...that peacemaker vs flag scene was amazing.

  7. if you are allowed to hit a person lying on the ground, it's not a fucking sport. It's a dogfight.

  8. Enough of this black on black violence! Black Lives Matter!!!

  9. Stupid ass game. I got hit in the face with that rock hard bamboo woven ball and I said fuck that shit. Ain’t no girls watching. U ain’t getting laid or paid.

  10. Man I hate when Kaolan gets neg different by Gaolang.

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