1. Looks like the dude who fell off in the back got his head crushed by the bus on the way down… what a way to fucking go

  2. Could’ve sworn the person at 0:24 was dead… until their fucking leg moved. Holy shit.

  3. Marcy me wasn’t the last track of 4:44 unless you’re referring to a different album

  4. Why does everyone seem to hate Jordan Peterson… He’s a highly intelligent person who isn’t afraid to speak his mind and always allows others to voice their opinion. Honestly he’s the best person Ye should talk to right now

  5. Just process them both normal and compensate for underexposure at best as you can in post. There is service that good pro labs will offer called a clip test, where they take a small amount of a film roll and process it so you can see where you're at with exposure and development. This probably wouldn't be worth doing with just two rolls of 120 - it's more for situations like when you've shot a ton of film in studio under consistent lighting conditions, so sacrificing a couple of test frames that you probably planned for anyway doesn't matter. Unless these two rolls are test rolls, in which case go for it..

  6. I mainly just wanted high contrast on the roll I underexposed to push. It was based on the lighting of the scene too. Should I just push both? I’m wondering what would happen to the roll shot at box speed if I pushed it as well…

  7. I mean it kinda makes sense. If there is anyone who would spend more than 5k on their first camera while not even knowing how to use an aperture, they’d likely be a Leicatard. I feel like they belong to a particular group of consumers that’s in a constant struggle to conquer the art of photography with their wallets instead of their minds

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