Not happy about his Halloween costume 😂

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  1. The heck? Does everyone here have ADHD or something? Just sit down in the chair and focus on the charts. Edit: No disrespect to OP, it's a legit question, I'm just surprised how many people are playing with fidget spinners.

  2. Focusing on the charts will never be enough. This game is about controlling yourself when you're looking the charts, charts is only 10%. 90% your own body.

  3. Weed doesn't let me control my emotions. When I smoke to trade it's like another person trading, I become waaaay too impulsive when I'm high.

  4. Uhm Camille? She is the only champion in the entire game I cannot deal with.

  5. The trick with Camille is always fighting in groups and as soon as you have the opportunity, USE the ULT.

  6. Competitive clear time matters a lot in high elo. His clear will be slower by enough to knock him down a few pegs in priority

  7. Ah, you got to test it on PBE? So he's back to his S12 clear speed. That's fine with me. How do dragon and herald feel? Is the lvl 4-5 solo less viable?

  8. He can solo dragon at lvl 3 I got it tested on live servers. Taking dragon early with morde is unfair for the enemy. He's just too powerful

  9. ADHD can result in issues with executive functioning. One facet of this that is particularly relevant to trading is self control. Taking medication should generally help with self control, but medication doesn't magically solve all the problems on its own. You'll still need to develop new patterns of behavior.

  10. Did you actually think this comment is any good while writing? You’re comparing finding your life long partner to window shopping. And basing it on how their pussy looks… I can’t tell if you were joking or being blatantly terrible. Please respond.

  11. I have now. Which makes me wonder what are you injecting to find that good?

  12. Flax seeds or chia create a better microbiota. Also flaxseeds have proved to lower inflamation.

  13. Your sartorius is really showing this year, you look healthier! Nice work woman

  14. More than 50% a year consistenty is extremely good result. There is gonna be bunch of people claiming less than 10% a month/week/day whatever is easy but they are just straight up lying or are delusional from backtests... It all comes from this narrative of how you can make shitload of money and escaping 9-5 routine fabricated by trading gurus. People are blinded by this vision but its just illusion

  15. Look up Rande howell on youtube bro. Best trading psychology on the platform

  16. A self cleaning fan? Idk it looks like with that speed it could remove some dust

  17. Do you deploy through trading automation/ algos or trade manually

  18. I don't think humans were supposed to look like that.

  19. Nah. I smoke at least one spliff a day, but I’m also vaping as well after smoking ! 🤔😩🤦🏿

  20. You can ignore reality, but you can't ignore the consequences of ignoring reality - Ayn Rand

  21. You're right. I just wish people can be more aware that young children at that age are really observant and will emulate these behaviours if not corrected. It's a really critical age for developing their foundation and it can have years of impact. My kid's behaviour changed drastically within just a year because of peers - he never used to whine, throw tantrums, or react violently against frustrations, but ever since in-person school started again these behaviours have increased to a point where I've found myself unwillingly disciplining him more and more (and I already got him a bunch of toys and treats to reward him for good behaviours but I just have to hold out at this point).

  22. Get over yourself dawg, they're just fking words. It's not like he is stabbing his family. WORDS.

  23. God damn, you've cracked the code buddy! There's our answer to hate and racism, all those hate speech are just WORDS, who cares?

  24. Soft4x is insanely good. And the best part of it, is that you can get it for free if you look hard enough.

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