1. It could be the take off is too close to furnace. Since you did not mentioned heating problems just noise, I would think of adding some duct to eliminate the noise.

  2. I have a 25' duct I was going to splice with the current 10' off the furnace for the bathroom. Should I just leave it was the full 25'? You're saying more duct should equal less noise?

  3. I've tried adjusting the dampers and it doesn't help much. Would a register with adjustable curved blades help? I'm also installing another duct in the bathroom. The previous owner piped a duct but closed it off after realizing it would be more work to add a register to the bathroom ceiling. Maybe opening that duct up will help.

  4. Anybody know what rifle light that is ?

  5. Most likely a Surefire. Not sure which model but all the lights I've been issued were Surefires.

  6. I have seen insight weapon lights used and a tlr-3 one time but I think that was a personal purchase add on

  7. Probably. It's mainly an issue with compatibility. Using the dual pressure pad for the PEQ-15 kind of limits us to Surefire

  8. Is the Mic off (Fn key)? Is it trying to route the input device through AI noise cancelling?

  9. Like everyone else commented, I have both and use the Gerber regularly. One-handed operation is preferred. It gets real annoying when you want to cut something real quick and have to bend open the MUT. The MUT is more durable but I like simple.

  10. My tinnitus is acting up just looking at this photo

  11. I carried a P320 with an Olight condition 1 for 2 years. My genitals still remain firmly attached. You'll be alright.

  12. I've had a woman at a bar "eye-fuck" the shit out of me and I don't know if it was the numerous drinks I had already consumed but the way she looked at me made me feel very uncomfortable. Violated almost. It made me think about how men do that to women all the time. So I apologize to all the women out there.

  13. I use quality mags so there is no need to dedicate range and carry mags. Something a lot of people neglect is magazinge maintenance. After every range day, just like I clean my weapons, I open up the mags, clean the dust out and "exercise" the springs. I also replace carry ammo every year.

  14. I'm currently using a Fenix 6s Pro. I had the same dilemma with the Tactix. It's really up to how much night ops you're going to do if the NVG mode is worth it. I thought I would use the Fenix more but maps for most middle eastern countries are scarce so all it really does keep my track on incidents and give me my current grid. I am also issued a Foretrex 601 which is my main source of navigation if I'm dismounting to a target. And I don't have to worry about it uploading to a network.

  15. Yeah the navigation would mainly be for personal hiking. As for NVG, I’m hoping to snag a set of DTNVS or something soon for personal use as well. I’m not as concerned about that, as I feel like it’s more of a backlighting thing and you could probably get that pretty close on a Fenix. My biggest concern is more on the OPSEC side with data.

  16. Fenix and Tactix watches have been issued to certain units, I think I read about Naval aviators getting them once. I know S6/commo was able to "provision" the Foretrex I was issued so there wouldn't be any issues. Not sure what branch you're in or what connections you have but you could inquire about it.

  17. Does your Gerber get gummed up? Ours always got stuck due to the sand and salt buildup we would get. Used unusual amounts of CLP to keep them working properly.

  18. This one hasn't but my other one did. The moon dust is awful and it's over if you drop one in the sand.

  19. Gotta show I at least use my kit lol. The stickiest dirt brought to you by a middle eastern farmer's freshly plowed field

  20. From my experience working with SOF operators this past year, the risers are pretty much available to anyone who wants them. They have been very popular with the Aimpoint T2 for CQB. It goes without saying operators get much more leeway and options on which optics they choose to run.

  21. Wow. I guess I never really appreciated the effect certain trends, innovations, ideas etc in the non-uniformed sector can have on the other side. Maybe I worked with the assumption that it typically goes the other way around a little too much.

  22. It usually does go the other way around. LARPers love milsim lol. I've noticed recently in the past year or so a lot of "influencers" transitioning to the more heads up/neutral position shooting which the risers have made possible. This really helps with helmets and alleviating strain on the neck. Especially with all the attachments many operators have on their helmets. Then seeing and working with them recently, I noticed a lot of the "non-Bravos" with Aimpoint T2s on the high risers.

  23. You're going to get a thousand suggestions from a thousand different people. The comments here have some great suggestions but honestly you're going to just have to see what works for you. I've been through multiple iterations of my setup, including multiple plate carriers, belts, pouches, etc. What works for someone else may not work for you. It kind of sucks you have to keep shelling out money but try to get some stuff used and try things on before you buy if you can.

  24. Things at the school house right now are strange and restrictive. Not to mention housing costs and inflation make it real tough for E-4 and E-5 to find affordable housing for them and their families. Lots of people are doubling and tripling up in rentals to make it work. As prior service (MOS-T) you PCS to Eglin so you can bring your family but at this time I’d consider not doing that.

  25. How do you like the Silynx? I've been thinking about trying in-ear comms like Silynx or Invisio X5. I've been using Comtac IIIs mounted to my helmet but it'd be nice to still have comms when I take off the lid.

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