1. I read this this morning. My opinion:

  2. Register first inside , vet and indigenous discount! Best times are normal work day hours for little wait time

  3. Her folks were loaded, and I wasn't good enough apparently. It's okay, he's 26 now, and apparently a big stoner. Hope he's having fun.

  4. Nothing wrong with being a stoner . I am. Doesn’t affect my life or make it anything less, helps me manage my pain and lots of research is being done now a days to show the benefits. Don’t talk down on the kid, maybe reach out . Tell him your side .

  5. If you know his name and birthday you can find him . If you know state and town helps but you can find him either way

  6. I felt the very first one I ate (50mg out of 100mg) but every other one I’ve eaten was dogshit. My last one was even stale af

  7. Yeah I don't get "high" off gummies. But I run around 20 mg a dose and it is super relaxing and good for anxieties and pain

  8. I’m reading ppl with my issues take 700mg and only feel a little something and that’s very much my experience too. But I still like edibles taste and pain relief just takes HELLA

  9. My patient buys this is actually really nice. Ground bud not leaf clippings and keif

  10. G Purps has a fantastic, a unique delicious flavor. Imagine if you rolled some funk with a grape bubble gum wrapper. Quality effects, will re-order.

  11. I get these OFTEN I’ve had every kind and I love them. Had one come and not work but just needed charged but I still just took it back they replaced it with one with a charge .

  12. My wife cant take more than 2mg at a time. Why would you prohibit lower dosages

  13. Dosing is difficult when 4 mg is overwhelming and anxiety inducing

  14. It’s also difficult when you have to take 600mg to maybe feel a lil something . Has your wife tried higher cbd than thc ratio ones?

  15. Haven’t been too happy with them, only really enjoyed Franco’s Lemon Cheese. Slap wagon was ight too. Let me know how it is!

  16. I’ve only grabbed the sherbhead “premium” half I believe it was $120 for the half and I could barely finish it. Got to the last 5g and was burnt out on it. It was almost good just a notch below where I wanted it to be as far as taste and effects. I just didn’t think it was worth the cost.

  17. I really like this platinum og even though it’s indica and I prefer sativa😂 now I’m gonna take a mid day nap

  18. No bud but mine has pineapple live sauce by cresco. Was gonna buy some rocket fuel but maybe I should give pineapple a try

  19. I haven’t tried the pineapple live sauce or the rocket fuel ! So lmk what you choose and how it goes!

  20. I know chunky diesel is amazing lol. That stuff is uplifting instantly but yeah I might buy some klutch flower idk I’m all in a bind over what I want haha

  21. Must try there whittle truffle! It’s my 2nd fav to pineapple by cresco, 3rd has to be ice cream cake by Klutch

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