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  1. I don't understand how she's only being investigated for online harassment when she has literally caused people to be swatted (doxing them through her twitter) and she was also the last person that spoke with her student who committed suicide. I emailed their offices probably 4 or 5 times with screenshots from her twitter before Twitter Blue was a thing and being verified meant something.

  2. 230 lbs where? Were you wearing iron shoes or something?

  3. Someone get that thing a preserving bolus fast, he's got the scarlet rot!

  4. God, i can cum just thinking of these simple times! Please god just give it back to us

  5. Why the hell dod they settle! I mean why not take the whole money! This is absurd. I am sure in the settlement they must have asked her to not speak about this again but tbh her speaking was only making it worse for her. They should have taken the money.

  6. Because sometimes, it's prolonging the agony. I didn't even want spousal support, I just wanted out.

  7. I haven’t been in the situation and hope to god will never be but it is painful and what you are saying is spot on

  8. Me and my friends used to play this for hours! And we were 6 people with 6 remotes! Elemination chamber was our favorite! What a time we lived in! Beautiful

  9. Being sexually assaulted. Being an active drug user. Being in an abusive relationship

  10. Please take control of your life. The only way i see is running away from your present circumstances with a one way ticket and restarting your life.

  11. I've been cheated on but it was an abusive relationship with someone with a personality disorder who I cared for deeply, but I put up with so much shit because I felt guilty and had a bit of a saviour complex like I couldn't bring myself to give up on her.. by the time the relationship was over I was exhausted and a shell of person..

  12. More power to you bro! I know how that feels to a degree. I say degree because she was my girlfriend and not wife (thankfully) and cheated on me with one of my best friends. I lost it. She tried to turn my friends against me. I shouted at my friends. I doubted their intentions and it was the most miserable month of my life. I never let her abuse me but i knew she was abusive. It was only a matter of time she would show her true colors. She would talk about her exes in a really bad way. Later i realised it was all her lol. I have completely let go of even a thought about her from my mind and its pretty liberating.

  13. I'm a guy and my fiance earns almost triple than me and I really don't have any issues on the contrary I'm proud of her.

  14. No way that’s real! Bro the mental clarity you must have with that kind of furniture and lighting setup 😍

  15. This will get lost in the comments but I can understand why he walked off. He was gutted. Absolutely gutted.

  16. Absolutely! I am not a fan too but this shit hurts. More so because i play competitive football and know what this can do to you

  17. I earn 25LPA after tax, my wife earns 40LPA after tax. I have had the job for the past two years but now i am about to lose it. She still has it though. We have rented a nice place and use the amenities involved with it to live a decent life. We save about 35-40% and contribute the rest towards our families

  18. But it's a very different type of game, right? It's like the focus is on the guy the throws the ball or hits it, so (and again, I literally know nothing I'm making broad assumptions) if you are the best ever in hitting / throwing it's easy to make it stand out, right?

  19. Right but everyone at some point is either hitting or throwing so they all have a chance to make an impact

  20. Argentina, when they need a goal. Messi. Argentina, when they need a pass for a goal. Messi. Argentina, when they need someone to hold the ball to run the clock. Messi. Argentina, when they need to put chances on a platter. Messi.

  21. Something that I noticed in today's game- there was a period of 4-5 minutes after the Aussie goal where Argentina looked like they were going to collapse, the defense was panicking and the midfield couldn't get the ball. Messi came back and got the ball near the halfway line, held it for 3-4 seconds, and then went past 2 defenders and got a throw-in. After that, he and De Paul helped the other players settle down with that flurry of chances. It's not just the goals and assists, even at 35 years he can take control of the game so effortlessly.

  22. Me and my girlfriend at the time (4 years back) did ecstasy before going to a club. I got really horny after a point and started kissing her, touching her everywhere. She was feeling it too. I find my old fling inside, get super excited and start talking to her. Fast forward 20 mins, I am in the VIP area alone with them sitting and making out one by one. Touching and pulling of their clothes (panties and dress) slowly. Both were enjoying it but obviously they didn’t let me do it.

  23. Yes, until Enzo Fernández came on, most of our balls were between lines. Non-existant midfield today.

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