A guide to unlocking the Guardian FSD Booster

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  1. I drop the relic it doesn't even go in to the damn slot. Fuck this game

  2. You are not. I just got a Mamba to fight thargoids Few hours in i said fuck it. Going to retrieve my Anaconda explorer / trader hybrid and stick with that. By the time i grind resources to fight thargoids i bet the war will be over. I only unlocked Farseer and 3-4 others just to get my FSD range up and reduce weight of some internals for about 55 jump range. Not even gona get into the grind for weapons. And it's so stupid you can pin only one upgrade at a time. Everytime i gotta go to the engineer to upgrade the rest and take photos and keep it and track resources

  3. You can pin one upgrade per module type. So fsd, pp, thrusters can all be pinned but only one upgrade per (increased range, armored, and dirty drives for example). You might already know this, but the comment wasn't clear.

  4. I meant you can only pin one upgrade per engineer and that is stupid. For example, I'm doing multiple modules with Felicity Farseer but i have pinned fsd for the other module upgrade i have to keep visiting her. And basic stuff..the ship I'm upgrading has short jump range. So I took my conda and went to Felicity and thought I will transfer my other ship over but wrong! You can't transfer ships to Farseer installation cuz there is no option to switch ship. So i had to exit her planet, go to the nearest Terminal and order my ship there. Then take that go down to her planet to upgrade. It's the little things that break you.

  5. The number of customers that want brown cars is too damn high!

  6. I remember reading somewhere in an old book that majority of Americans, atleast back in the day preferred Tan / Brown color cars...something to do with less wash required...and R* makes it a point to show the stereotypes

  7. I just got a Mamba last night for some pve on the side. Was looking forward to the grind to engineer it. Got off work early and this shit. Now i gotta wait 24 hours to play it. So pissed right now

  8. For future reference, never plan a day off on update day. Plan for the day after or after that. Update day always has issues.

  9. Yea i understand. I used to play on console last year and never really saw any update date somehow. Just migrated my account last week to pc and started again.

  10. Same..and my problem is everything is half done...I'm not completing anything. I reach close to the end and then something stops me from just finishing it off

  11. It's a lie. Only way to get a Conda is to buy one. But definitely do the Hutton Orbital run once..it's a rite of passage

  12. One of the best RPG's of all time. Finished it twice on PS4...over 500 hours played. now I'm planning to do a third run on the Xbox myself once the next gen update drops on December 14th...and btw the update is going to be free. So yes it's totally worth it

  13. And I'm running an engineered Exploraconda / Trader hybrid with no weapons minding my own business

  14. Ah thank you so much guys...playing Odyssey now. Looks amazing. Loving it!

  15. Damn and here I'm running goods and passengers in the Sol bubble in an Anaconda minding my own business. Just a humble trader without even a hardpoint to get max possible jump range.

  16. Should ask them if they will do the same to their own kids. Such people shouldn't reproduce.

  17. If such people actually weren’t able to reproduce, I don’t think I would have been conceived. My mom does things sometimes that make it seems like half of her brain doesn’t work. I’ve gone into detail about these stories on Reddit before and my fingers are getting tired lol, so to sum it all up, my mom gets dogs because she thinks their cute, doesn’t train them whatsoever, then a few years later she’ll repeat this cycle with a new dog. She’s got a 9 year old Maltese (that she carelessly let go about with rotting teeth for years, and I was the one who noticed and demanded my mom take her dog to the vet, it was a shit show), a 4 year old schnauzer, and now she wants a labradoodle. She’s a 68 year old woman. I know my mom, and I know that if she gets a labradoodle, that dog is going to end up obese and unhealthy because she’s never going to take her on a walk. Not to mention the other two dogs she’d end up forgetting about entirely.

  18. Wow..sorry to hear that. And I'm glad you won't repeat the mistakes. You are an exception

  19. Keep litte boxes in multiple rooms...you generally need one more than the number of cats you have. Make sure it's regularly cleaned. They hate it when it's not. It should be in an out of the way, quiet place where they feel relaxed when pooping. If it's in high traffic area of the house they won't like it. Also, yeah...try changing brands...maybe they don't like the smell...when i rescued my outside cats, first they wouldn't use litterbox..so i put litterbox with real sand dug up from outside...after a week of them using that, i switched to litter sand in the same box in the same area...then they were fine with it.

  20. Get over the fear of being scratched.. Unless you go the inhumane way of declawing... If i had a penny for all the times i got scratched. it may happen when you play.. But they generally become gentle on growing older and they realise human skin is weak and puny

  21. We asked around, Bellatrix is a local stray that used to live a few months in the same apt. we are now renting with the previous tenant. She's about 2, we checked her for bugs, and gave her a nice proper wash (she scratched me a bit) and got her a anti flees necklace.

  22. Try not to let her out? Do you have lot of traffic near your place? Or dogs? Litter train her and make her a house kitty...

  23. Then have all the kids drive around with sirens blaring. Not even gona get into public server after that

  24. My two cats were taken off the road too...i saw two kittens near my home being harassed by two adult cats...chased them away. Kitties decided I'm their new friend and followed me home. Now we are living in their home. This is the short story 😅

  25. Reminds me of that joke news they play on one of radios where they report that illegal immigrants were caught trying to sneak back across the border saying the other side was better.

  26. She loves you and wants you to smell clean..like her.

  27. Forget about consoles just imagine whole price of those ps4 cds. I can buy ps4 it's cost less than 50k computer but you need to buy every single damn CDs which minimum cost from 1000rs if you buys 10 CDs of 1000 it would 10000. Only someone from rich class can effort this much in india

  28. Even if you sell all those CD's right now at CeX, you may have enough to get a new console...just about.

  29. And then it spawns the next block over in front of you

  30. Tell me about it. I once tried to play Air Cargo sourcing where you shoot down the large plane..it dropped the cargo near the airport in the ocean..and my plane got shot down inside the airport...so i was unable to jump the large fence...time was running out and no vehicle in site. I would have had to run all the way to the other side of the airport. So tried spawning a vehicle. It says no road nearby. Mechanic refuses to answer call. So being in an airport, i thought let's just spawn my Buzzard and i can fly over...and it spawns on the other side of the fence. Quit the session and never played Air Cargo again.

  31. Hahaha all the time. Turn your view/camera to face your character. Character need not look the other way. The vehicle will come up opposite side of whichever way your viewing. Basically off camera.

  32. Nice setup...That lamp is sweet..how has your cat not destroyed it? 😆

  33. In an ideal 'Demeowcracy', the front and back row would rotate so that all get a chance for quality heating.

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