1. oh then GT Goku one shots at any point through GT.

  2. Yes. BoG movie Goku is completely featless.

  3. Literally awful. It was boring, slow, generic, uncreative, and all around just poorly choreographed and poorly done.

  4. I’d prefer one character slot and Mojo Jojo should release with them

  5. Really? I think it’s the other way round personally. Carol is presumably a galaxy away so Nick can’t depend on her arriving in time while Swanwick is right there.

  6. Swanwick literally did his best to help Superman as a general. What was he supposed to do, reveal his existence to the world, to get treated the same was Superman was for majority of BvS?

  7. Damn if only Swanwick could shapeshifter and had telepathy or something? Oh wait…

  8. Just watch Mad Max if you so desperately wanna see some post-apocalyptic desert people fight for what’s left.

  9. he got unnamed untreatable terminal illness. unfortunate

  10. No lmfao. Shaking a timeless and spaceless void is immeasurable speed with infinite range AP

  11. Uh…a timeless and space less nothing. Goku shook the stadium and that’s really it

  12. No. No he specifically says he’s shaking the WHOLE world of void.

  13. Okay but my point is the world of void is infinite nothingness. Nothing doesn’t weigh anything, 0 times infinity is still zero

  14. Off the top of my head the glass coffin is the one that made me physically shiver the most, I don’t do well in tight enclosed spaces

  15. The costume, the character of Superman, the aesthetic, the world, the action, having Superman save people, the only thing MoS did better was the fight scene

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