1. Cut to butt then soldier, what part of don’t be shy don’t you understand!

  2. Sir I just don't interact with members of the opposite sex sir!

  3. Yes it wasn't firing just driving and staffing, glad I'm not the only one

  4. Original Hellsing Alucard is a nice choice and one that needs more attention

  5. Personally I prefer "The Fatman" version of Santa claus, but this is a close second to badass Santas

  6. I just wish the 1911 MARSOC was ACTUALLY an M45A1, I'd even settle for the older M45 MEU(SOC)

  7. Meanwhile Im just trying to make the GRFS team in Breakpoint. The issue is that their outfits change for basically every mission, and that isnt even mentioning the different color tones of the two games.

  8. I also have the same problem, but more so with items, wish we had some more GRFS stuff

  9. Mine started with Chidori, full metal panic was the amazing for my 13 year old mind

  10. Understandable... But could you survive

  11. After all the near death incidents I've had, yeah I would

  12. I dawn the Russian armor and arm guards I have and go out with a stick and shield (trash can lid) while praying to every god possible

  13. Well, why would a SCP MTF team have patches to identify themselves when the SCP Foundation is a secret organization? It doesn’t make sense to risk exposure to the public, and I assume elite, specialized MTF operators can recognize their brothers-in-arms.

  14. MTF teams either wear no insignia or the uniform/insignia of the country/state/province/ect they're operating in, less suspicious and a bit more helpful....sometimes

  15. Ok but what if we lift 1 forklift with 2 forklifts and have the operators be very coordinated

  16. the forklift certified operator : can't get fired anyways proceeds to drift a loaded forklift

  17. Pretty much anything that's commercially available, especially for the CIA's "black" units

  18. Yeah they said they’re going to modernize the game a bit so the gun to head and Palm Pilots will remain in the early 2000s.

  19. You talking about the melee thing Sam dose? God I hated that, never really did anything

  20. Yeah the elbow to the head lol, and how the enemy kept shooting. Super cheesy mechanic and I doubt that will sniff the remake

  21. She put something away that looked like a bag or something, not sure I'd hope so...

  22. It's automatic add as a cosmetic when you pick it up or when you equip it one of the two

  23. I always imagined animal eat girls just had 4 ears and double the hearing potential

  24. The human ears are for regular conversation, the fox/wolf ears are for they're anime instincts and better hearing

  25. My dress up darling was wholesome, rent a girlfriend is not (not anymore anyways)

  26. When they came to the village...she was the only one left...

  27. You all wanted this, this is all on us...sooner or was bound to happen...

  28. This looks so nice, also I love that ghost character

  29. I'll look into it,I might redo the thing if I can make it look even closer to the E3 version

  30. With everything available in the game no camo is close to the E3 gear set sadly

  31. Polish Urban Flecktarn looks similar,not the same pattern but the coloration is very similar

  32. If we had some Latvian camouflage patterns it could look much closer (as they have some large pixel patterns)

  33. Granted Sam has always worn a wetsuit for a lot of his infiltrations. Even the Splinter Cells in Conviction appear to be wearing tights that are seemingly wetsuits.

  34. As per the Fandom page Sam's Mk V tac suit is surprisingly VERY advanced to the point where it's not JUST a wetsuit (although it is a wetsuit...but better)

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