1. If you think you would use all or most of these tools it's a great deal. That bag is pretty good and it comes with decent batteries

  2. Lol omg did you read the post. I'm referring to the drama it's causing but I'm saying that there's rules for this situation and you can't change them.....

  3. I did read your post and thus I addressed two of the arguments you made in it had you just written yahoo should follow their rules I would not have commented but you made two ridiculous arguments. Did you read my comment ?

  4. Rules are rules is a ridiculous argument these days huh? Everybody thinks the world should cater to them...

  5. Also that is hilarious yahoo made an impartial descion that it thinks is fairest and you are the one thinking that yahoo should cater to you

  6. I would think the betting & DFS sites will simply issue refunds, no? They’re making more money than ever.

  7. All my bets were voided pretty much every online sport book has it on their rules that bets get voided if the game doesn't get resumed within 2 days at longest

  8. I’m thinking greater than 75% projected for the win should give you the win.

  9. I know some people have playoffs on the line but this dude probably shouldn’t be out there he looked hurt still.

  10. Not even my team but fighting for the last playoff spot. The other contender is up 3 points going against Stevenson.

  11. I'm in the same boat need 7.6 more in ppr from rhamondre, have one of the top scoring teams but if he can't get those points I'm gonna finish in 7th place

  12. Going against Conner. With that TD I really need Stevenson to get back in. Hoping he’s just going back to get some treatment and returns after half.

  13. Need -6 here, hoping for some fumbles lol.

  14. Very astute I'm sure he did some medical imaging and got a couple opinions from doctors before he got off field so he must have known it was a two week injury.

  15. no reason to bench him for that, not like points will come from that fumble anyways

  16. I lost by 5 points last week after that 86 yard overtime touchdown run when he was questionable all weekend, now as a result my playoff chances are questionable

  17. Any insight on to why Mixon hasn't been clearing protocol?

  18. Concussions are a very tricky thing it all depends on when symptons are gone which could be a few days but can also be alot longer

  19. Please let me play Perine against the Mixon owner

  20. This seems really dumb to me, you are just fiscally penalizing teams that deal with injuries like losing an RB1 is bad enough but now you have to shell out cash to get his replacment. I don't understand how this make more sense over raising the initial buy in

  21. Would you start Wilson jr over Pittman in Pittsburgh? My other 2 receivers are Keenan Allen and evans

  22. Yes houston run defense has been so bad there are not many players I would not start jwj over this week

  23. Am I crazy to think about starting Jeff over CMC?

  24. No but you may be crazy for thinking CMC is the worst player on your roster you would bench for JWJ

  25. Good move. Dortch beat out Hopkins in yards last game. Clearly the old man doesn't have it anymore

  26. Apparently he doesn't like being called old man I have heard his coworkers refer to him as steroid boy

  27. Do I start Slayton against a tough defense today, or hold out to Sunday and hope Marquis Brown and Mike Williams are both healthy?

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