1. Recipe for brine?? I have 2 pork belly’s that I have to use up. Both 10lbs. Thanks boss

  2. By weight : 2% Salt 1% sugar .25% Cure (156 PPM NITRITE)

  3. S&P , sous vide @ 155°/ 22hrs comes out money buttery fall off the bone rib sandwiches

  4. Ya it took most my day but I won’t need to do it for awhile.

  5. Do you partial freeze or fridge to get such consistency?

  6. I used a slicer but some of the slabs were too big for it. We sell the parts that are ugly as bacon ends which is basically half off. Looks weird but still delicious, lots off fat. And t it had been cured and was in sausage cooler, I cut my thumb all the way to the finger nail doing pork that morning so was doing something that didn’t apply to much pressure on it and chose this.

  7. Sick!! I keep all my off cut pieces for soups, sausage/ hamburger grind, breakfast scramble. No reason to throw it away

  8. Laser bird deterrent. Commonly used in large substations

  9. Thermoworks Smoke X4 is the cats meow as simplification and accuracy. The wireless hand held legit has a 1 mile operating distance. I can watch run to the store for a sixer an keep a eye on long cooks

  10. Last night I cooked oyster mushrooms with a couple spoon fulls of rosemary garlic confit, handful of fresh basil an a dash of red tuxedo. 165/1.5hrs

  11. Don’t get me wrong, these are some very nice frames. Yet over the years I’ve seen so many and they all pretty much look the same different primarily in color scheme. It’d be nice to see Sasha take these “standard” frames to the next level. I don’t know what they would be, the guy is talented and I leave it up to him to come up with something.

  12. I’ve been saying the same thing for years! When is Sacha White gonna elevate the cookie cutter custom frame. Ira Ryan is in the same lull.

  13. Agreed. Breadwinner guys actually went in joint venture with that specifically in mind, standardization that is. I’m not trying to disparage them because of that. They make good stuff but I’d expect something more interesting from them than the “usual”.

  14. Agreed! My buddy has an Ira Ryan bike for the early 2000s . Wet concrete grey with telecaster pink logos and swallow head badge. I can appreciate that classic lugged frame geo but it’s like they riffed every rendition since on a slacked out Colnago Master X-light

  15. The best is fermented garlic honey. Same principle, fresh garlic peeled. Cover with raw local honey and let it sit on your counter. It will bubble away and foam “lacto-fermentation” the garlic over time will lose that pungent burn but will carry over to the honey. It’s fantastic in sauces, over corn bread, what ever your heart desires

  16. Do you ever check the pH levels on your fermented garlic honey? My wife had some she's been fermenting/storing for a few months. She decided to check the pH level and found that it was too high for consumption due to the risk of botulism. I said it was worth the risk since the garlic was so tasty, but she tossed the whole batch.

  17. Yes I check the PH weekly. A splash of ACV will bring it below a 4 where it’s safe

  18. Their place is in the replacement of non metallic flex dept. I’ve used them near wine tank doors where it’s bound to get beat up or blasted with a pressure washer. The bite on them is no joke. Honestly a pair of channies are sufficient to push in the blue release

  19. Do you have a meat slicer, if so, what kind do you have, and would you recommend it?

  20. Messermeister 12” round tip slicer knife

  21. Ok great, one more question and I’ll stop bugging you, at least for the time being… you said there is a calculator here for curing, but I couldn’t find anything. I’m trying to be as thorough as possible!

  22. I had amazing results with 167 for 22hr and a 2hr smoke @ 225°

  23. Just got done slicing/ vac sealing bacon and you’re over here makin me want to start the bbq again

  24. Rad thank you for the insight! I haven’t messed around with a wet brine yet. I’m currently on my 3rd batch @ 15lbs.

  25. Be careful with the pink powder if you ad too much it’s an unpleasant taste.

  26. I have my “recipe” if you call it that, down. 2% salt, 1% sugar, .25% cure salt

  27. Sous vide for 18-24hrs @ 167° (22 is my magic number) then smoke at 225 for ~2 hrs.

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