One Year, 111 lbs down

That was fun, but I'm glad to be back

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  1. Lmao, I was feeling so good until I went on a trip and my hotel room had a full length mirror directly across from the toilet for some unfathomable reason. I swear I looked 80 lbs heavier 🙃

  2. I honestly didn’t believe it. I when back to the scale 3 different times to double check and it said the same every time. Super happy with finally getting there! Thanks!

  3. Have you ever thought of a bench with a back for a dining room? They are made ro fit multiple people so they are typically pretty sturdy. I had a bench at the table growing up it was great

  4. Are there patterns or esthetics that bring you joy? I love me a good overalls (Jean or corduroy) or just a good jumpsuit. Jumpsuits for me tend to be looser around my mid section especially of they're wide legs (I am an apple shape and have thin arms and legs)

  5. What about the material is uncomfortable? How much did you pay for it?

  6. There is a slip dress underneath it and then there was like a scratchy sheer material over it. I spent way too much on it. I forget how much I paid (looked in my email to see how much, couldn't find the email from that long ago), but I know know I paid above 50 for it.

  7. Overnight oats are good and easy for travel. Along with others said about salad wraps, rice cakes, bananas, yogurt pouches (for on the go, you can just suck one down)

  8. So, you assign human emotions to inanimate objects? You think a piece of plastic is aware that it's been waiting around to be used?

  9. You phrased it way better than I did! Thanks! Now I have a succinct sentence to describe it lol

  10. I’m not materialistic, but I grow attached to my things. Pretty much all of my clothes I wear now are from when I was 16-18 (I’ll be 24 soon) and they are all second hand(we were poor, but I still only buy things that are of some quality, modern clothing is so cheaply made) I often look a little goofy in my outfits, but atleast alternative types think it’s cool. Lol. But the idea of losing some any of my clothes pains me.

  11. I am still mad that my pocketbook ripped, everyone hated it, but it treated me right. It was well loved (read: old and a little tattered)

  12. They're so much prettier in smaller sizes though. I've just bought one that's silver and sparkly! All I could ever find in my original size was black, white or beige.

  13. Justice for big boob cute bras! (After pregnancy and weight loss mine have deflated to "b's" , but I stand in solidarity lol)

  14. "my partner is on a diet and keeps nagging me about bringing food into the house that I enjoy, I'm not on a diet and i like to have a treat every now and then. They keeps throwing out MY snacks and gets upset when I go to buy more. These are my things they have no right to throw away my stuff it's not like Im asking them to eat any of it"

  15. My husband has no portion control, I have to portion and lable all the meals for my family , at first it was annoying but it's even more annoying to have the same conversation over again. Lol

  16. Did you copy my post or am I having a seizure? I could swear I wrote the same exact thing a few months ago but yeah try riding a bike, hell on earth

  17. Totally resonated with me! I am way more mindful now of my body and what I can do. The 1st time I lost weight (7/8 years ago was my 1st attempt) and i had no clue what I was doing, I knew how to eat healthier and I liked healthy foods and worked out, but was never really paying attention to my body or the process. I gained the weight back that I lost and this time around I am noticing the changes in my body a lot more (the ease of picking up the pace when walking/attempting to jog, going up stairs, getting up off the ground is a lot easier). I'm noticing my hunger cues and really trying to listen to my body this time around. I'm 15lbs away from a healthy BMI and 30lbs away from where I actually want to be.

  18. I never thought of taking a picture of my plate! I was just thinking about bringing my scale but didn't know if that would be overkill

  19. Hey! Thanks for this. Even though I try my best to not give into beauty standards of the era, i often forget that bodies/their shapes are also part if that beauty standard and not just fashion/makeup/eyebrows.

  20. I'm just an inch shorter than you, and I found my mid-section slimmed down a ton in going from 150 to 130lbs.

  21. Thanks! I am doing some strength training now ( I weight 171lbs so ways away from my goal) I think because I still have a belly my butt gains may be unnoticeable to me. I know they say where you gain weight 1st is the last to go, so I guess I just have to wait and see, but I'm glad at least I have some hope of my stomach becoming flat... I'll take Flat-ish too lol.

  22. I had to quit PB&Js. Peanut butter just has so many calories, but yet I used to be able to eat it & remain at a normal weight. I now have a half a sandwich one in a blue moon.

  23. I love a pb+j, I can eat 15 of them, but eating peanut butter on a wild rice lightly salted rice cake is my jam now. Lol

  24. Let Down: The Addicted series. I saw it hyped up a lot and was expecting to love it, but I hated the characters.

  25. I never got into the addicted series either! It got such high ratings but I couldn't get into it.

  26. I really liked the familial aspect of it. Giulia trying to figure out this new family she is a part of and Cassio trying to connect with his children after their mother’s death.

  27. does anyone have any suggestion for workout clothes? i generally like torrid longline sports bras and compression pants but they are getting pretty spendy for prints i dont absolutely love. i have a lot to wear in the next size down but have never been this heavy before so i need some (hopefully) transitional gym clothes.

  28. I typically where a standard t-shirt to the gym and something like a tank top and workout bra underneath it cause if I doing any planks or burpees or something my shirt tends to rise up/gape and expose my back/stomach (Hense the tanktop)

  29. Maybe a dumb question, but does this mean no honey or maple syrup in stuff?

  30. The Heart's Blood Arrow by Kai Butler (San Amaro book 5)

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