1. I do frequently. It's not always busy, but it's easy, little traffic, quiet

  2. The fatality rate for delivery drivers is higher than that of police officers.

  3. "Even though gas prices are still high, we're sick of paying you back extra when you use your dasher direct account, which we collect interest from instead of you in the first place.

  4. LOL LITERALLY PAYING TO WORK????????????? Nobody schedules anyway since the map is so unstable you just wait a minute for it to flash busy

  5. Brain fog can also be from fatigue, stress, depression, ADHD, etc

  6. I would say only 2/10 dashers wore a mask in my area while they had it as a requirement or whatever

  7. There has to be some underlying issue here. You can't trust a church and would rather trust a person without any values in an industrial parking lot?

  8. Who's to say the person in a parking lot doesn't have any values?

  9. We agree. I’m not playing with these customers no more!

  10. I don't give a fuck if someone delivers my food in a barefoot in a bath robe as long as it covers what it needs to.

  11. I'm curious too but gonna take a wild guess in the meantime and say Honda fit or something tiny like that

  12. It's like they were stuck in build mode and their Sims game crashed

  13. I'm sitting here eating a spicy six piece judging their order

  14. I use Allpoint ATMs inside CVS pharmacy stores and those are the only ones I've seen that are truly fee free on both ends so far in my area.

  15. Jfc I would probably get a CV for delivering late trying to read that fuckin novel and find the number. I get their frustration, but it won't be mine. Unassign

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